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Jinx Chapter 24 Spoilers, Release Date, And Where To Read For Free!


Here is Everything about Jinx Chapter 24. Are you a Fan of Manhwa? If so you have Read the famous Manhwa Jinx which is about BL And Romance. Recently Jinx Chapter 23 was released on Lezhin Comic on May 22, 2023. This Chapter left the Fans in great suspense and Everyone want to know about what will happen Next. Is Potato Know about Jaekyung and Kim Dan’s Relationship? 

Potato is a gym member who started to worry about Jaekyung and Kim Dan’s friendship when they started living together. In the whole series, they are the only ones who have thought something was off about them. Let’s Find All the answers in this post.

As fans anxiously anticipate the next chapter, the release date of Jinx Chapter 24 has become a hot topic of conversation. In this article, we will discuss the anticipation surrounding the impending Jinx Chapter 24 Release Date, Spoilers, the last Chapter Recap, and much more.

Jinx Chapter 24 Quick Info!

Title Jinx
Author Mingwa
Chapter 24
Release Date June 2, 2023
Genre Drama, Sports, Yaoi, BL
Where to Read Lezhin Comic

What is the Storyline of Jinx?

Jinx by Mingwa is a BL webcomic about a physical therapist named Kim Dan who has always had poor luck. He must contend with a sick grandmother, dangerous loan sharks, and unemployment.

 Jinx Chapter 24

His luck appears to change when he encounters Joo Jaekyung, a handsome and wealthy MMA fighter, who hires him as his personal therapist. However, Jaekyung’s jinx requires him to have sex prior to every encounter, and he desires Dan as his partner.

The webcomic is a drama and romance that examines Dan and Jaekyung’s relationship as well as their pasts and secrets.

Jinx Chapter 24 Release Date! When Can We Read It?

Chapter 24’s official release date was just announced by the creators of Jinx, who have recently shared some exciting news. This long-awaited announcement generated a flurry of anticipation and speculation throughout the fan community.

The release date for Jinx Chapter 24 is June 2, 2023. As release times vary by country, the following table indicates when each chapter will be available in each country.

Time Zone Country/Region Time and Date
IST India 8:30 PM (June 2, 2023)
SGT Singapore 11:00 PM (June 2, 2023)
PST Philippines 11:00 PM (June 2, 2023)
PDT West Coast (USA and Canada) 7:00 AM (June 2, 2023)
CDT Central America and Canada 9:00 AM (June 2, 2023)
EDT East Coast (USA and Canada) 10:00 AM (June 2, 2023)
BST Britain 5:00 PM (June 2, 2023)

What Happens Between Jaekyung and Kim Dan in Jinx Chapter 23?

Potato begins Chapter 23 by adoring Jaekyung over the phone while they watch a match together. Out of reverence for Jaekyung, he described his background and how he joined the gym. He wants Jaekyung to observe him and praise him for being good more than anything else.

Potato is somewhat of a gym mascot, and everyone seemed to regard him accordingly. When others departed for a match, he was left behind to train so that he could eventually join them. Before departing, his superiors ruffled his hair and treated him like a cute little brother.

 Jinx Chapter 24

Potato didn’t mind being left behind because he got to spend time alone with Jaekyung, the man he admired. Or this would have been the case if Doc Kim Dan had not also remained at the gym.

When Potato inquires as to why he did not depart with them, Kim Dan provides an explanation that makes Potato more suspicious of his relationship with Jaekyung.

The chapter ends with Potato thinking that if Jaekyung and Kim Dan Living together that does not mean that they are in a relationship. On the Other hand, Kim thinks that why Jaekyung is always Rude to him. And here Chapter 23 Ends.

Jinx Chapter 24 Spoilers! What Will Happen Next?

Chapter 24 of Jinx will be another thrilling chapter, but not of the traditional horror variety. In the past, Jaekyung played the scoundrel and did whatever he pleased with Kim Dan, disregarding his feelings.

From Jaekyung’s perspective, Kim Dan owes him a substantial amount of money, so he can force him to do anything he desires. Except for Potato, no one knows or suspects that this is the arrangement between the two. Potato’s selfish desire to get closer to Jaekyung and obtain his attention is the reason for their skepticism, however.

 Jinx Chapter 24

And this made him acutely aware of everything that transpired around Jaekyung. Perhaps Jaekyung’s collection of men in his debt will continue to grow, or perhaps not. However, it appears that Jaekyung is loyal to one individual, so perhaps it will be a miss in the end.

Where Can I Read Jinx Chapter 24 Online?

As of writing this Post Chapter 24 is not published Yet. But all Its previous Chapters are available on the Lezhin Comic. This Platform Charge some coins and you have to purchase these coins. Are you want to Read Jinx For Free? Well, There Are many other platforms where you can read the chapter for Free. But we did not Recommend you read it there. One of these Platforms is Mangakakalot, where you Can Read the Jinx For Free.


Last but not least The wait for Jinx Chapter 24 is nearly over, and fans are bursting with anticipation. The announcement of the release date has sparked a frenzy of anticipation, with readers avidly awaiting the conclusion of the previous installment. Chapter 24 of Jinx will be released on June 2, 2023. The forthcoming chapter is available on Lezhin Comic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Jinx That Jaekyung Has and How Does Kim Dan Help Him?

Jaekyung’s curse necessitates that he engages in sexual activity prior to every match; otherwise, he will lose. Kim Dan agrees to be his companion and personal therapist for this purpose.

Who is the Mma Fighter That Suspects Something Between Jaekyung and Kim Dan?

Heo Manwook is a competitor at the same facility as Jaekyung. He observes that Jaekyung behaves differently around Kim Dan and that Kim Dan appears anxious when Jaekyung mentions that they cohabitate.

What Does Kim Dan’s Grandmother Think of Jaekyung?

Kim Dan’s grandmother is delighted to receive Jaekyung’s hospital visit. She believes that he is Kim Dan’s companion and that he is handsome and kind.

What Does Kim Dan Decide to Do for Jaekyung at the End of Chapter 23?

Kim Dan decides to assist Jaekyung in all aspects of his career. In addition, he apologizes for what he said to him in the morning and expresses appreciation for his visit to his grandmother. He claims he will do whatever it takes to assist him in breaking his superstition.

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