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The Countdown for Villain To Kill Chapter 99 Begins! Release Date, Spoilers and More!


Villain To Kill Chapter 99 Release Date: In Chapter 99 of “Villain to Kill,” Cassian will come to the rescue and save Black Ghost from other bad guys. This is a strange thing to say, since the story is about bad guys and Psykers fighting. They’ve been called that from the beginning, and it’s a sly way for the story to say that there are no heroes in this story.

Even though it started out scary, the Manhwa story is not too dark. Cassian Lee was a good guy who did what he was supposed to do and stayed loyal to his people. But one of his coworkers was killed, and he was blamed for it. Because of this, he was put to death.

And that was the start of his story because his soul went into the body of a boy who was on the side of the Villain. Still upset about the wrong that had been done to him, he looked for the truth but chose to stick with the Villain. There, he met people who were weird but still stayed with him.

Here in this article, we will discuss Villain To Kill Chapter 99 Release Date, a Recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

Villain To Kill Chapter 99 Quick Info!

Title Villain To Kill
Author Fupin
Chapter 99
Release Date May 30, 2023
Where to Read Webtoons

When And Where to Read Villain To Kill Chapter 99?

Chapter 99 has kept readers waiting for such a long time. The wait is now over; the release date of Villain to Kill Chapter 99 has been announced.

Villain To Kill Chapter 99

The release of Villain To Kill Chapter 99 is scheduled for the 30th of May, 2023. Webtoons will soon make available to readers Villain To Kill Chapter 99 to read online. If you Like Villain To Kill, Also Read Love Logic and Sakamoto Days

Villain To Kill Chapter 99 Spoilers!

In Chapter 99 of Villain to Kill, Doctor Cook will rush in, and Cassian will save his friend from him. Even though Doctor Cook’s name is funny, he is still a threat.

He swooped in at the end of the last chapter and grabbed Black Sword while she was fighting Heavenly Wind Sword and not paying attention. When Cassian came to save her, Black Sword was stuck in an awkward position, like a lady hanging on to a prince.

Aside from that, Cassian will deal with the other bad guys and keep her safe as soon as he can. Though, he will soon meet Heavenly Wind Sword when she learns that Cassian is the top-level villain Black Sword was talking about in the last chapter. In the last part of the chapter, they fight over it.

Villain To Kill Chapter 98 Recap!

Villain to Kill Chapter 98 starts with two people looking down the building as Black Sword goes to kill a Psyker. One of their other friends ran toward them screaming and calling them out.

He was scared that Cassian had used one of them in one of his plans, and he knew he had to do something to stop whatever it was that Cassian was planning. But his thoughts were cut short when Cassian came running up to them with a calm look on his face.

Villain To Kill Chapter 99

The other guy grabbed him because of what he had done to Moojin, who had disappeared. But to his disappointment, it wasn’t Moojin who had gone down below. Instead, it was one of Casian’s subordinates.

Then, two people insult each other over silly names that sound like Chunibyo, but this doesn’t go on for long. Soon, they start fighting, and one of them is using Heavenly Wind Sword to try to beat the biggest Villain. She was told that the villain she was fighting wasn’t the strongest one nearby, but she didn’t believe it.


The Webtoon Villain to Kill is well-known. Cassian Lee is a good person who was put to death because he was blamed for the death of a friend. His soul went into the body of a boy who was fighting for the Villain, and he decided to stay with him. The date that Villain To Kill Chapter 99 will come out has been set, and fans will soon be able to read it on Webtoons.

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