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Taming Master Chapter 107 is Coming Soon! Here’s the Release Date, And Spoilers!


Taming Master Chapter 107 will be out soon, and fans of the manhwa can’t wait to find out how Jinsung will get the famous class summoner’s equipment chest in that chapter. Jinsung didn’t know that Karceus had such a skill, so he was surprised when Karceus changed into his friend Ahjussi.

Since Karceus had changed forms, his stats had dropped by 30%, so he couldn’t use active skills at that time. Karceus had not changed into that form for a very long time. Jinsung asked him if that was how he normally looked when he polymorphed since his way of speaking had also changed a little.

Karceus told him that wasn’t his normal look, but he felt very comfortable in that form. He wondered if Jinsung was upset that he didn’t turn into a woman.

Jinsung showed him a picture of two people and asked him if he could change his appearance to look like them. It wasn’t hard for Karceus to look like those people. A week later, after Martin told him to, Karceus put on the appearance of one of the guards and went into the house.

In this article, we will discuss Taming Master Chapter 107 Release Date, Recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Taming Master Chapter 107 Quick Info!

Title Taming Master
Author Sarasa Nagase
Chapter 107
Release Date May 31, 2023
Where to Read Kakao

When And Where to Read Taming Master Chapter 107?

Taming Master Chapter 107 will be available on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, at 6:00 p.m. KST. Tapas will have Taming Master Chapter 107 accessible.

Taming Master Chapter 107

Taming Master Chapter 107 may be seen on Kakao Page in South Korea. Always remember to read your manhwa from official sources to show your support for the creators. If you enjoy this romance and Love manhwa, you may also enjoy Jinx.

Recap of Chapter 106 of “Taming Master”

Samuel was curious about why Martin was at the gate, so the guards asked Martin to prove who he was. Martin and the others snuck up on the whole castle and hurt all of the guards. Samuel didn’t understand what was going on.

Martin cast a spell on Samuel and made him tell everyone in the Oaklan to get together and go to Splendor. They went to the glory and took the guards hostage to take control of the outside.

Samuel told everyone to go inside because people were climbing the walls. When Samuel realized all of a sudden that it was a trap, Martin had already put them under his spell, so they couldn’t move. Samuel asked Martin what all that was for, since he was already mad at him for beating up his people and running away.

Martin was surprised to hear that Samuel thought he did all of that, because there was no reason for him to put Samuel in that situation. He told Samuel that two days ago, he found members of his group dead on the scorpion hunting grounds.

Taming Master Chapter 107

They had been killed by arrows. He told Samuel that Oaklan had done it. Samuel didn’t believe anything Martin said. He told Martin that the shooters didn’t need to go all the way there to hunt those hard scorpions.

Martin understood that there might be more than one thing trying to keep them apart. Martin broke the spell he had put on them, and Samuel could finally move his body. Martin’s grounding was all it took for him to realize that Samuel wasn’t as smart as he thought.

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Taming Master Chapter 107 Spoilers!

There are no Taming Master Chapter 107 spoilers, leaks, or raw scans yet, but we will update as soon as any become available. We expect these to be released sometime this week now that we are back on a regular release schedule.


Fans of the manhwa can’t wait for Taming Master Chapter 107 to come out so they can find out how Jinsung will get the famous class summoner’s equipment box. Jinsung was surprised when Karceus turned into his friend Ahjussi and his stats dropped by 30%.

The chapter will be available on Kakao Page in South Korea at 6:00 p.m. KST on Wednesday, May 31, 2023. We don’t have any hints, leaks, or raw scans yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

There are no teasers, leaks, or raw scans for Taming Master Chapter 107, but we’ll let you know as soon as they come out. Now that we’re back to a regular release plan, we expect them to come out this week.

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