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How Quirky Abilities of Upper Moon Four Work in Demon Slayer?


With the addition of Kibutsuji Muzan’s Upper Moons, Demon Slayer’s plot has lately been stepped up a level. If the Demon Slayer Corps has generally been defeated and killed throughout its existence, things are changing.

They’ve finally dispatched one of the Upper Moons, although the weakest of their number. But, after the death of one of his favorite subordinates, Muzan is no longer willing to wait and has begun mobilizing the Upper Moons to deal with the Demon Slayer Corps.

Tanjiro Kamado traveled to the Swordsmith Village after waking up from his two-month sleep to obtain himself another weapon. He travels through a series of piggyback rides until he arrives at the secluded settlement, where the majority of the residents wear masks.

Tanjiro is intended to rest but instead finds himself practicing with the village’s riches. The level-up he obtained is quickly put to use when two Upper Moons infiltrate the settlement and cause havoc.

One of them, the seemingly weak-looking Upper Moon Four, uses a highly unique power to take on a slew of Demon Slayers. Here’s an explanation of what it is and how it works.

How Quirky Abilities of Upper Moon Four Work in Demon Slayer?

Demons in Demon Slayer are tough opponents because they can use many different skills. They have amazing physical skills, but they also have powers that are often one of a kind.

The powers of the Upper Moons are, of course, much stronger than those of the Lower Moon and weaker demons. Upper Moon Four is no exception to this rule. It is good at fighting because it can split and join back together.

Upper Moon Four’s base form is a weak demon that doesn’t have the huge power and skills it gets when it splits and comes back together. In this shape, Upper Moon Four is weak and easy to beat, making it a dull opponent for Demon Slayers with a lot of experience.

But it would be a big mistake to underestimate it, because its real strength is in its ability to change and adapt. Upper Moon Four’s base form shows a clear sense of fear and lack of confidence when it faces an enemy.

Upper Moon Four Work in Demon Slayer

It is afraid of the Demon Slayers because it knows how weak it is and how dangerous its opponents could be. Even though Upper Moon Four was shy and hesitant at first, when it finally used its Blood Demon Art, it showed that it was a much stronger and more dangerous opponent than it had seemed.

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Upper Moon Four Can Form Into Many Strong Warriors!

In Demon Slayer, the only way to kill a demon is to cut off its head. However, this might not be the case for Upper Moon Four. When its head is cut off, it goes through a very interesting process of splitting. Every time its head is cut off, the base form splits into two different demons, making it grow.

In the end, the process of splitting creates five different demons, each of which represents a different feeling and has a different skill. The first Hantengu was always a symbol of fear, and the second one is the same.

But this Hantengu is much smaller and harder to kill than its base form. Sekido embodies anger and uses khakkara to generate and control lightning.

Karaku is the personification of happiness, and it uses an uchiwa in the shape of a leaf to make strong gusts of wind. Aizetsu is made of sadness and fights with a yari. Lastly, there is Urogi, who is the personification of happiness and looks like a harpy.

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Upper Moon Four’s Real Shape is Much More Dangerous!

The true form of Upper Moon Four is reached when the split demons come back together. After the base form splits into two, it can put them back together to make a single, stronger demon.

This is a big change in Upper Moon Four’s powers, and it shows that Zohakuten is coming. Recent episodes of Demon Slayer have shown that Sekido absorbs the rest of them to do this. It’s still not clear if the others can do the same thing.

Upper Moon Four Work in Demon Slayer

Upper Moon Four gets a big boost in power and strength from this true form. The united entities use the strengths of each one to create a powerful enemy for the Demon Slayers. Because of this increase in power, Upper Moon Four can use more powerful attacks and show more control over its skills.

Zohakuten has the strange power to use dragon-shaped pieces of wood as weapons. These strangely shaped earth formations are both defense walls and offensive weapons.

They improve Upper Moon Four’s offensive power and make it a force to be feared. Since Zohakuten just showed up in the Demon Slayer anime, it wouldn’t be strange if he had more forms and skills that haven’t been shown yet.

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