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Celebrating Pride: How These Influencers Changed the Game by Coming Out on Social Media


The LGBTQ+ community has been fighting for their rights for decades. But in recent years, social media has emerged as a powerful tool for the community to share their stories and celebrate their identities. How have influencers leveraged this platform to inspire and empower others?

Social media has been a game-changer for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s given a voice to those who have been silenced for far too long. From sharing personal experiences to advocating for equal rights, social media has become a powerful tool for the community to connect, engage, and mobilize.

Influencers have played a significant role in this movement. By sharing their coming out stories on social media, they have broken down barriers and helped to create a more inclusive society. In this article, we will explore how these influencers have used their platform to change the game and celebrate pride.

Rickey Thompson Coming Out on Twitter

Rickey Thompson is a social media influencer and content creator who gained popularity on platforms like Instagram and Vine. He’s known for his hilarious videos and unique sense of humor, which has garnered him a large following of fans. Rickey came out as gay in a Twitter post in 2016.

He then made even more of an impact by appearing on the cover of Gay Times in 2019. Rickey has a strong positive influence and has over 5.3 million followers on Instagram. Thompson has since expanded his presence to other social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, where he continues to entertain and inspire his followers with his creative content.

Tom Daley Tells All on YouTube

Tom Daley is a British Olympic diver who has won numerous medals in both the Olympics and other international competitions. He first gained fame as a teenager when he became the youngest British male athlete to compete in the Olympics in over 50 years.

Since then, he has become a popular media personality and social media influencer, known for his engaging personality and his advocacy for LGBTQ+ rights.

Daley has a large following on social media, particularly on Instagram and YouTube, where he shares content related to his life as a professional athlete, his personal life, and his interests outside of diving.

It’s on his YouTube channel that Tom Daley came out as gay in 2013. He announced that he was in love, and it just so happened to be a man. Tom was praised for his bravery and for being an inspiration for gay sportsmen around the world.

Chella Man Uses YouTube as His Main Platform

Chella Man is a famous model, artist and YouTube influencer, and LGBTQ+ advocate. In 2017 Chella created his YouTube channel to talk about his experiences with gender dysphoria and other topics, such as his love and interests.

He’s well known for his work in raising awareness about issues related to disability, gender, and identity. Chella has a large following on platforms like Instagram and YouTube, where he shares his experiences and insights to inspire and empower others. He’s particularly well-known for his advocacy work around deafness and gender identity.

If you want to start a YouTube channel like Chella, you can create videos that inspire people. All you need is the right setup and proper video editing software to get started.

Bretman Rock Has Always Been Openly Gay

Bretman Rock is a social media influencer, YouTuber, and beauty blogger who gained popularity through his makeup tutorials, fashion sense, and humorous personality. He was born in the Philippines and raised in Hawaii. Bretman’s unique background and style have helped him amass a large following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

He has collaborated with major beauty brands, appeared in music videos, and even starred in his own MTV reality show, “Following Bretman Rock.” His content often includes makeup tutorials, fashion tips, and comedic skits, and he’s known for his open and inclusive attitude toward beauty and fashion. Although he’s always been openly gay, he uses his platform to spread positivity in the LGBTQ community.

Eugene Lee Yang Comes Out on YouTube

Eugene Lee Yang is a Korean-American filmmaker, actor, and internet personality. He’s best known for his work as a producer, writer, and director at BuzzFeed Video, where he created and starred in many viral videos.

Yang has also gained popularity as a member of The Try Guys, a group of four friends who create videos that explore various topics such as fashion, food, and culture. Yang’s work often focuses on social issues such as LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, and Asian-American representation in the media.

He has a large following on social media, including over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube and over 2 million followers on Instagram.

In 2019, Lee came out as gay in a YouTube video that also donated a significant amount of money to the Trevor Project.

Final Thoughts

These influencers have not only inspired others in the LGBTQ+ community to live their truth, but they have also helped to normalize and celebrate diversity and acceptance on social media. By sharing their personal journeys and experiences, they have paved the way for a more inclusive and compassionate world. Let’s continue to celebrate Pride and support those who are bravely living their authentic lives.

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