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Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date: Spoilers And How to Read Online for Free!


Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date: Weak Hero is a webtoon story from Korea that is written and drawn by Seopass. Gray Yeon, a shy and quiet kid, moves to a new school where there is a lot of violence and bullying. Gray is soon fighting the most strong bullies at his school, but he also finds that he is good at fighting. With the help of his friends Ben Park and Eugene Gale, Grey tries to stay alive and upset the school’s order.

Since 2019, Weak Hero has been serialized on Naver Webtoon. It has become famous for its realistic and dramatic portrayal of high school violence, as well as for its well-developed characters and plot twists. A live-action movie based on the webcomic is also being made, and it will come out in 2022.

The last part of the webtoon, 247, was posted on May 27, 2023, leaving fans wanting more. If you’re one of them, you’re possibly wondering when and what will happen in Weak Hero chapter 248. Here’s all the information you need.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Quick Info!

Title Weak Hero
Chapter 248
Release Date June 3, 2023
Where to Read Naver Comic

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date!

According to multiple sources, chapter 248 of Weak Hero will be published on June 3, 2023. The webcomic updates on a weekly basis; however, it occasionally takes pauses for various reasons.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date

The publication date is therefore subject to change based on the availability of raw images and the translation procedure. However, there has been no official announcement of a delay or hiatus for Weak Hero chapter 248 as of yet.

What Will Happen in Weak Hero Chapter 248? 

Gray and Donald Na will probably keep fighting in Weak Hero chapter 248, using all of their willpower and drive. Gray has to get over his injuries and pain to fight at full strength, while Donald Na has to face his feelings and accept the loss.  The result of this fight will have a big effect on the school as a whole because both sides are fighting for their pride and honor.

Other characters who are watching the fight from different places, like Ben Park, Eugene Gale, Jimmy Baylon, Teddy Jin, Jake Kim, Alex Go, Philip Kim, Jerry Kwon, Goo Ra Young, White Mamba, Black Bear Gang members, Union members, Eunjang High School students and teachers, media reporters, and others, are also likely to react.

They will all see how this epic fight ends, which will decide the fate of the schools in Seoul. Who will win in this final battle? Will Gray be able to beat Donald Na and end his rule over the people? Will Donald Na be able to accept his loss and change the way he acts? We won’t know until Weak Hero Chapter 248 comes out.

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Recap for Chapter 247 of Weak Hero!

In Weak Hero chapter 247, we saw the next part of Gray’s fight with Donald Na, the boss of the Union and the most powerful bully in Seoul. Gray had hit Donald a few times, but he was still at a disadvantage because Donald was so strong and fast. Gray was called weak and useless by Donald, who also told him that he would never be able to beat him.

Donald dodged Gray’s charges with ease and fought back with powerful punches and kicks. Gray wouldn’t give up and tried to fight back with his speed and skill, but Donald was able to easily avoid his attacks and fight back with strong punches and kicks.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Release Date

Donald also said that he had hidden a metal spike in his shoe, which he used to stab Gray in the leg. Gray was scared and hurt by Donald’s dirty trick, but he didn’t give up.

Then, Donald planned to finish the fight with his signature move, a flying kick that he said could break Gray’s neck. He kicked Gray in the head, but Gray got his arm out of the way just in time. Gray’s arm, on the other hand, was badly broken by the blow, and he fell to the ground in pain.

Donald was shocked that Gray was still alive after he kicked him, but he was sure he had won the fight. He told Gray that he couldn’t beat him and that Gray should just give up and join his Union. He also said that Gray had wasted his ability by fighting against him instead of joining him.

Gray was lying on the ground with blood coming out of his cuts, but he kept his stubborn face. He told Donald that he would never be a part of his Union or obey him. He also told Donald that he was wrong about him being weak and sad. He said that he had fought many strong opponents before and learned something from each one.

Gray then talked about his earlier fights with Ben Park, Eugene Gale, Jimmy Baylon, Teddy Jin, Jake Kim, Alex Go, Philip Kim, Jerry Kwon, Goo Ra Young, and others. He said that each of them had taught him something useful about fighting and about life. He said that they were his real friends and fellow soldiers who had helped him get better.

Gray then said that he wasn’t the only one facing Donald Na. He said he was fighting with all of his friends, who were standing back and watching. He said that they gave him the strength and will to fight until the end. He said that because of them, he would never give up or lose hope.

Gray had to work hard to get up and face Donald Na again. He told him that he would show him what real strength was. He told him he would show him what it was like to be a weak hero.

Where to Read Weak Hero Chapter 248?

You shouldn’t go to an unofficial site to read the Weak Hero Manhwa series. You can read the entire Weak Hero Manhwa series on the official website, which features links to reading platforms including Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage.

Every week on Saturday, you can find the next chapter of Weak Hero on Naver’s official site, and on Thursday, you may read it on LINE.

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