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Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90: Release Date and Predictions You Need to Know!


Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90: Readers are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 90 to find out what happens next after Faire broke off his engagement with Navel in the previous chapter.

Even before he learned that the witch had owned the earrings, Faire had his concerns, but now that he knew that, he thought he shouldn’t remove them, and if he did, he would do something.

But if, as Navel suggested, he was unconcerned by such sentiments, returning it to its rightful owner seemed like the moral thing to do. Faire questioned Lemon about his ability to fall in love with her again and his intention to pursue reconciliation with her. Faire gives Lemon the earrings, and then she passes out. The navel is in a panic.

Lemon explained to her that he had to rest since his body was undergoing a transition. Lemon believed the money had broken the spell, so she reassured Navel that Faire would recover once his body returned to normal.

Navel panicked, fearing that he had passed again like the last time, but thankfully, that was not the case. Pine declared that it was finally time to give Jean the earrings because the ceremony had concluded.

In this article, we will discuss Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90 Release Date, a recap of the previous season, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90 Quick Info!

Title Whatever the Princess Desires!
Author Plutus
Chapter 90
Release Date June 3, 2023
Where to Read Mangakakalot

When And Where to Read Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90?

The publication of Chapter 90 of Whatever the Princess Wants is slated to take place on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 11:00 p.m. Korean Standard Time (KST).

Manta will soon have the 90th chapter out, and it will be titled “Whatever the Princess Wants.” You can also read the manga on Mangakakalot.

Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 89 Recap!

Lemon reminded Navel that she insisted on giving the earrings to Jean, but nothing happened after Navel asked what she and Jean were doing. Navel assured her that holding her wouldn’t have any effect on the earrings because they were designed to be worn in the earlobes.

Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90

Lemon probed Jean about his ear-piercing status. Jean asked them to provide an alternative method because he did not have his ears pierced. Pine admitted that he had to get his ears pierced because there was no other option.

Jean approached her, accusing her of being “very low” for using a binding spell on him. Lemon assured him that not even he could break the spell. Jean admitted that the thought of getting his ears pierced bothered him.

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Lemon promised him that she would do everything in her power to minimize his discomfort. No one was prepared for Jean’s behavior, and as Lemon pointed out, it didn’t go well with his new piercings.

Lemon admitted that she had her suspicions that the outfit wouldn’t flatter him. However, she did not believe that it would be particularly unflattering to Jean. Pine asked Lemon what she planned to do now that the curse had been broken, and Lemon gave him a closer look. Did she have any intention of going back?


In conclusion, Whatever the Princess Desires! Chapter 90 is a thrilling and emotional chapter that reveals the true identity of the mysterious man who saved Lila from the assassins. The chapter also shows the deepening bond between Lila and Leon, as they face their enemies together and confess their feelings for each other. The chapter ends with a cliffhanger, as Lila is confronted by her father, the king, who has a shocking announcement to make.

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