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A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date: Which is Best Sites to Read Online?


A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39: In A Fairy Tale for Villains, chapter 38, Flor got what she deserved for messing with Sasha. And with each new story, the Manhwa gets more exciting. Sasha is now friends with Valentina because she is an important part of Sasha’s plan to get her payback.

The story is still where it was a few chapters ago, so not much happened in chapter 38. But the next parts are said to be good, so don’t give up hope just yet. And if you’re thinking about when the next chapter of A Fairy Tale for Villains will come out, don’t worry.

This article will tell you when and where you can read A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39. At the beginning of the most recent story, Flor and Sasha fight. Valentina came over while they were fighting. Valentina asked Sasha if she had made a new friend when she saw Flor and asked if she had.

Flor said very loudly that she was not friends with Sasha, who she called a “gold digger.” Valentina told her that what she said wasn’t very smart. And those words would hurt the host of that dinner. Flor then saw what she had done wrong.

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Quick Info!

Title A Fairy Tale for Villains
Author Vena
Chapter 39
Release Date June 3, 2023
Where to Read Pocket Comic

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date!

On Saturday, June 3, 2023, at KST, the next part of A Fairy Tale for Villains will come out. Each part comes out once a week. You can read Chapter 39 of “A Fairy Tale for Villains” in English on Pocket Comic on the date given above. Check out the Comico website if you want to read A Fairy Tale for Villains in its raw (Japanese) form.

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 38 Recap

After hearing Flor’s loud words, her uncle came and told her to quiet down. Flor tried to get her to understand that she hadn’t done anything wrong. But his uncle didn’t care about what she said. When Sasha saw them fighting, she told them to leave because she was getting tired of the noise.

After Flor and her uncle left, Valentina told Sasha not to worry about them. Sasha asked her if she was familiar with them. Valentina came on purpose when she saw Viscount Hipolite and Lady Flor walking toward Sasha.

A Fairy Tale for Villains Chapter 39 Release Date

She asked Sasha if she wanted to know more about Flor, who she had already talked about. Sasha told her that it didn’t matter to her whether or not Benya killed anyone. Only the fact that their pasts had made them who they were was important.

Sasha said that no one could judge Benya for how violent he was. She was glad that Benya had survived and was still by her side because Sasha loved Benya.

Valentina told her that she saw Benya while she was coming. Sasha asked if there was something wrong. Valentina told her that when Alfonisa saw how angry Lethias was, she was shocked.

So, she started crying and said she had to go. On the other hand, Lethias got drunk and began crying in the library. So, Benya told Alfonsia, and Alfonsia was trying to make Lethias feel better.

Sasha asked her what it was she wanted to say. Valentina told her that she didn’t know who she was meant to be. She did know that Sasha was involved in everything that happened with the Serpent family, though.

Sasha told her not to worry about anything. She takes care of her friend. When Valentian heard that, he was shocked.

She told her she wanted to be her friend even though she knew what she did for a living. Sasha told her that she was important to her payback plan and that she wanted to keep her around. Valentina said at the end of the chapter, “Of course, my queen of the underworld.”

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Popular webcomic A Fairy Tale for Villains tells the tale of Sasha, a girl reincarnated as the daughter of a nanny in a reverse harem romance novel. Chapter 39 of A Fairy Tale for Villains will be released on 3 June 2023 at KST. The chapters are published weekly on the app and website of Pocket Comics.

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