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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date: What to Expect From the Next Chapter?


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date: The thrilling web novel Mercenary Enrollment recounts the exploits of Ijin Yu, a former child soldier who comes home to his hometown after a ten-year exile.

Even though he enrolls in a prestigious high school and makes an effort to lead a normal life, his history eventually catches up with him. He must face several enemies and challenges while defending his sister and his friends from harm.

The web novel was written by YC, while Rakyeon drew it. It is also referred to as Ijin Gukjang or Teenage Mercenary. Since 2019, it has been serialized on Naver Webtoon and acquired a sizable viewership. The action, suspense, drama, and romance in the web novel are abundant.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 was released on May 28, 2023. But what about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139? When will be it available for reading? Let’s find out in this article. Scroll down and keep reading to get all information about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Quick Info!

Title Mercenary Enrollment
Author  YC
Chapter 139
Release Date June 3, 2023
Where to Read Navar

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date!

Fans of Mercenary Enrollment can’t wait for Chapter 139 to come out. Chapter 139 of “Mercenary Enlistment” will come out on June 3, 2023, at 12:00 AM (Korean Standard Time).

The uncut scans will come out a few days before the teasers, and then the English version will come out. At the moment, the fans are too eager to wait any longer.

Spoilers for Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 does not have any published spoilers or raw images yet. But we can make some guesses about what will happen next based on what happened in the last chapter.

Ijin and his brothers could go back to their father’s house and tell him what happened. They could also ask him for more protection and details about Forest and why they want it.

The attack on President Andrea Boray’s children may make him angry and worried. He might think that someone in his own group let Forest know where they were. He might look into it and take steps to stop these kinds of attacks.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

Forest may not give up on their plan to kill Ijin and his brothers and sisters. They could send more killers or try to catch them off guard again. They could also try to find out more about Ijin’s past and skills.

Ijin may have to deal with more problems and risks at school. He might have to deal with his friends being interested in him and not trusting him. He might also have to deal with people from other schools or gangs who want to beat him up.

Ijin may also get closer to his sister Sophia and brother Ian. He might reach out to them and try to make up for lost time. He might also try to make sure they are safe.

Ijin could also meet some friends or partners who can help or back him up. He could see some old friends or meet some new ones. He might also find out something about where or what happened to his mother.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 Recap!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 138 starts when Ijin and his brothers get to their father’s farm. They are greeted by their father’s secretary, who tells them that their father is waiting for them in his office. They also find some soldiers from their security unit who are hurt.

When they walk into their father’s office, he is sitting at his desk and looking very serious. He asks how they are doing and shows that he cares about them. He also lets them know that he knows what happened and who attacked them.

He says that Forest was part of the military group that tried to kill them. He says that Forest is a rival company that fights with SW for clients and contracts. He says that Forest was angry with him because he picked SW over them to make a deal with the Korean government.

He says that Forest killed his children to hurt his reputation and make him look bad. He also says that Forest has spent a long time trying to hurt his business and actions.

He then asks Ijin how he was able to fight off the killers. He says that he was happy with his skills and abilities. He also says he wants to find out more about himself and his past.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139 Release Date

Ijin says that he was a young soldier who was taught by the mercenary group Black Sun. He says that he ran away from them ten years ago and went back to Korea to look for his family. He says he doesn’t remember much of his own past or that of his mother.

President Boray thanks him for helping him find his family and tells him how much he admires him. He says he wants to help him remember what happened to his mother and get his memories back. He also says that he would like to hire him at SW.

He thinks Ijin is a good mercenary with a lot of promise and skill. He says that he can teach him everything he knows about the business. He says that he can train him to be one of the best hired guns in the world.

Ijin is surprised by his offer and asks him why he wants to do that. President Boray says he wants to do that because he is his son and he cares about him. He also tells him that he wants to do this because he thinks Ijin can help him reach his goals.

He says he has a plan for SW and the whole world. He says he wants SW to be the most powerful group of hired guns in the world. He says he also wants to use SW’s power and wealth to make the world a better place.

He thinks that soldiers can be a big part of keeping peace and security around the world. He said that mercenaries could act as mediators, negotiators, peacekeepers, protectors, or enforcers, based on the scenario.

Where Can I Read Chapter 139 of Mercenary Enrollment?

The main website or app for Naver Webtoon is where you can read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 139. You can also use unofficial websites or apps that translate the webbook into different languages.

But we really want you to read the web book from the official source, because that helps the web novel’s author and artist. You can also look at and listen to the web novel’s pictures and sounds on Naver Webtoon.

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