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What Happened To Culture Crave? Find Everything You Need To Know Here


Culture Crave is one of the reliable sources for breaking news on the Internet and recently they have not been giving out information fans are all curious to find out what happened to Culture Crave. This article covers all you need to know about Culture Crave and what happened.

Culture Crave

Culture Crave is a famous Twitter account that tweets about movies, music, and entertainment news. The Twitter account had over 1.5 million followers and they are known for their quick, fast, and accurate news reporting. They are also famous for frequently posting breaking news and upcoming projects.

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What Happened To Culture Crave?

Culture Crave is a very popular Twitter account that reports on entertainment news and information as well as leaks and memes however the account with over 1.5 million followers has been inactive since January 2023. There is no official explanation from Culture Crave.

Reports have also been making rounds that the account may have been hacked or that the owner decided to take a break from social media. Others have also speculated that the account has been shut down by its parent company Dexerto.

Dexerto is a famous gaming and esports media company that obtained Culture Crave in 2021. Dexerto in a statement to a Hollywood Reporter that it is still working with the owner of Culture Crave to determine the next steps for the account.

It is still not clear when the Culture Crave Twitter account will make a return but the silence from the account has been felt among fans.

Culture Crave Account Owner

The Culture Crave Twitter account owner is unknown. The account was however created in 2015 and currently has 1.5 million followers. In 2021 it was reported that Dexerto a gaming franchise esports media bought Culture Crave but the identity of the account owner has never been revealed.

Some hash also suggested that the owner of Culture Crave is a former entertainment journalist and that the account is run by a group of people. However, there is currently no evidence to support any of the claims. The owner of Culture Crave remains a mystery, however, the account remains a source of information.

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Why Did Culture Crave Stop Posting Information?

There are several reasons why Culture Crave has stopped posting information on its Twitter account.

• The owner of the account may have taken a break from all social media engagements.

• The Twitter account may have been hacked.

• The account may have been shut down by Dexerto

It might also be possible that the owner is taking a break from social media. The Twitter account has also gone silent for several months before.

The length of the account being inactive is yet unknown and there might be a more serious issue for the account silence.

Fans and followers can only wait as only time will tell how long the account would remain inactive and the absence of the account has been greatly felt by fans and followers who rely on the account for daily entertainment news.

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