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Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date: The Most Anticipated Chapter of the Year!


Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date: Youngest Princess, by Saha and Doldae, is a popular fantasy relationship webcomic. It’s about an archmage who dies and comes back to life as the youngest daughter of the royal family of Hyperion.

She has to deal with her overprotective brothers and sisters, her life at magic school, and her strange past. Here in this article, we will discuss the Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date, A recap of the previous chapter, and much more.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Quick Info!

Title Youngest Princess
Author Saha and Doldae
Chapter 137
Release Date June 3, 2023,
Where to Read Tappytoon

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date!

So when to Expect the Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Release Date? Here is what we know. Chapter 137 of Youngest Princess will come out on Saturday, June 3, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. KST.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137

Youngest Princess Chapter 136 Recap!

Beluan showed her the rune of protection, and Enisha said it didn’t look too bad. Beluan told her that she would only need to make a few changes. He asked her if all of her things had already been moved. Elisha told him that Noxita was there for her.

Noxita, meanwhile, was sad because Enisha was going to move soon. Enisha asked Noxita whether he was going to meet Haren later. Noxita didn’t want to leave Enisha alone, so he even asked her if he could follow her around and live with her instead.

Noxita told her that Haren missed her, and Enisha told him that he would be able to see her every now and then when she moved to the school. Noxita said that he wanted to go to school. They were almost done with the protection rune, so they planned to leave tomorrow after the welcome ceremony.

Noxia told Enisha he wanted to get into bed with her. Beluan told Enisha that he and Noxita would be sleeping at the principal’s house and asked her to call them if she needed anything.

Beluan was happy that they would get to spend more time with Enisha, and they went back to their home. Enisha’s room was quiet, and being by herself made her feel great. Tomorrow, she plans to write a letter to her dad and the boys.

Youngest Princess Chapter 137

The next day, everyone looked at Enisha in a strange way. Her friend was surprised by how well Enisha could do her work by herself. The students at the school were sure that everyone was talking about Enisha, but she didn’t know why she was suddenly the center of attention since she hadn’t done anything yet.

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What to Read Youngest Princess Chapter 137 Online?

Youngest Princess Chapter 137 and all the other chapters can be found on Tappytoon, which is the main website for the webtoon. You can also read fan translations on Manhwakakalot and BakaMitai, but we recommend reading on Tappytoon to help the original creators.


Youngest Princess is an interesting webcomic that mixes magic, romance, and comedy. It has an interesting storyline, likable characters, and beautiful art. You should check out Youngest Princess if you want a webcomic that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. When Youngest Princess Chapter 137 comes out on June 3, don’t miss it!

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