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Is Abbie Chatfield Married? Everything To Know About The Television Sensation


Abbie Chatfield is an Australian radio presenter and television personality. She is well-known for her appearances on reality Tv shows. Fans have been speculating about her relationship status as well as several rumors making the rounds. This article covers all you will need to know about Abbie Chatfield’s relationship status as well as her dating life.

Abbie Chatfield Early Life?

is abbie chatfield married

Abbie Chatfield is an Australian well-known television presenter who was born on June 20, 1995. She attended St Rita’s, College Brisbane, and later proceeded to the Queensland University of Technology where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in property economics in 2018.

Abbie Chatfield aside from appearing on reality Tv shows has her radio show the Hit Network called Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield. She has also appeared on The Masked Singer Australia as a judge. She is also famous for her progressive politics which she speaks about on her podcast.

Abbie Chatfield rose to fame as the runner-up in the seventh season of The Bachelor Australia and she later appeared as a contestant on the third season of Bachelor Paradise Australia.

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Abbie Chatfield Career

is abbie chatfield married

Abbie Chatfield first gained media attention in 2019 when she was the runner-up on The Bachelor Australia. When she was on the show she received backlash because she was outspoken and her feminist viewpoint. She also started her podcast “It’s a Lot” on LISTNR which often appeared at the top of the Australian iTunes Charts.

Abbie Chatfield appeared on the third season of Network 10’s Bachelor in Paradise Australia however she was eliminated in the second episode 2. Abbie however won the seventh season of Network 10’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

is abbie chatfield married

She also hosted the Love Island after-party in Australia in 2021 where she spoke about all the latest drama that was going on Love Island Australia. It was also revealed that she would replace Sophie Monk as the host of Love Island Australia for the fourth season.

In June 2022 she revealed that she had landed her television show as a part of the pilot showcase with Network 10 called Abbie Chats and the show premiered in July 2022. She was also announced as the host of the new reality show on Binge called FBoy Island Australia. The show officially aired on 30 May 2023.

Is Abbie Chatfield Married?

is abbie chatfield married

No, Abbie Chatfield is not married. Abbie Chatfield was in an open relationship with fellow reality television contestant Konrad Bien-Stephens from 2021 after he appeared on Bachelorette. However, she confirmed that she had broken up with Conrad and had separated.

She had also often spoken about sex positivity after sharing news of her ADHD diagnosis.

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Why Did Abbie Chatfield Break Up With Konrad?

is abbie chatfield married

Abbie Chatfield revealed that he slept with someone else while she was in an open relationship with her boyfriend Konrard Bein-Stephen. The couple first appeared on one of Brooke Burton’s Bachelorette suitors in November.

However, the couple waited until February to reveal that they were in an open relationship. Speaking on her podcast she revealed that she had sex with someone other than Konrad for the first time during their open relationship.

She revealed on her podcast that she had not been intimate with Konrad for three and a half weeks. She also stated that while they have no relationship issues with Konrad she simply doesn’t have a strong sex drive at the moment.

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