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Sela Ward Illness What Is The Current Health Situation Of The Famous Actress?


Sela Ward’s illness has been trending online and fans of the actress are all curious to find out about the type of sickness she is suffering from. This article covers all you need to know about what happened to Sela Ward as well as her sickness.

Who Is Sela Ward?

Sela Ward illness

Sela Ann Ward is a famous American actress, author, and producer. She is well-known in the entertainment industry because of her performance as well as her enormous contributions as a producer. She also started her career in entertainment at an early stage.

Sela Ward’s breakthrough came as Teddy Reed in the famous NBC drama series Sisters which aired from 1991 to 1996. Because of her outstanding performance, she was given her first award which was a Primetime Emmy Award in 1994. She was awarded as the lead actress in a drama series.

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Early Life And Career

Sela Ward illness

Sela Ward was born in Meridan, Mississippi to Annie Kate and Granberry Holland Ward. Sela Ward is the eldest of four children with a sister and two brothers. She attended Lamar School in Meridian before proceeding to the University of Alabama where she bagged two degrees in fine art and advertising.

Sela Ward graduated in 1977 and she was crowned the Homecoming Queen as well as the Crimson Tide cheerleader. Her achievements extend beyond her career in entertainment. She met two foster children on a holiday trip to her home in Mississippi and she decided to create a permanent group home.

She also built an emergency shelter and a transition house for abused and neglected children. She was also part of the group that funded the project that became popularly known as Hope Village for Children. The home is located on a 30-acre property once used as a Masonic-owned and operated orphanage in Meridian.

Sela Ward illness

The establishment has about 44 residents and an average of 300 children per year. She aims at being able to make it a pilot for a nationwide network of similar shelters. Sela Ward 2002 published her autobiography, Homesick A Memoir through the Harper Collins Regan Booksimprint.

She also showcased her artistic talents by showcasing her artwork at the KM Fine Arts exhibition which marked her first group art presentation.

Sela Ward Illness

Sela Ward illness

Sela Ward has been battling with an illness that has affected and been part of her life for a long time now. The actress has been suffering from an overactive thyroid which is also known as hyperthyroidism. The illness leads to an overactive metabolism which causes anxiety, fatigue, weight loss, and lack of sleep.

She has been seeking medical help when she first experienced fatigue and sleeplessness which was a part of her life for some time. She then talked with doctors and she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She has also been taking medication to manage her symptoms.


The health condition known as Hyperthyroidism is a thyroid gland that produces too much thyroid hormone this hormone is responsible for controlling the body’s metabolism an excess of the hormone leads to an overactive metabolism.

In an attempt to manage her condition, Sela Ward has been taking medication as well as acupuncture which is a form of Chinese medicine that requires inserting thin needles into the skin at specific points on the body. It is used to manage a range of conditions including pain and anxiety.

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Why Did Sela Ward Leave The FBI Series?

Sela Ward illness

Sela Ward left the CBS drama series FBI which left many of her followers speculating about why she had left the series. Sela Ward however has not opened up or given any information about why she left the drama series.

However, she posted a tweet thanking everyone for their contribution as well as the production crew. Deadline also reported that Sela Ward had signed only a one-year deal for the show and her departure meant the end of her contract.

Who Is Sela Ward’s Husband?

Sela Ward illness

Sela Ward is currently married to Howard Elliott Sherman. The couple married on May 23, 1992, and has been together. The couple is blessed with two children Austin and Anabella.

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