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Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Release Date and Preview: What to Expect from the Next?


Fantasy and drama come together in a unique way in Wind Breaker, which has made it a favorite among fans of Manhwa. Jo Yongseok is the person who wrote it.

Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Release Date: This is part of a story about friends who go on adventures and use wind power to keep their hometown safe. In this part, the group will have to figure out how to beat a new, strong enemy by working together.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Was released on May 28, 2023. But what about Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Release Date? In this article, we will discuss when will Wind Breaker Chapter 448 come out. Scroll down and read the full article to get all information.

Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Quick Info!

Title Wind Breaker
Author Jo Yongseok
Chapter 448
Release Date June 7, 2023
Where to Read Webtoon

When Will Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Be Out?

The next chapter of the famous manhwa series Wind Breaker will come out on June 7, 2023. Wind Breaker, which was written and drawn by Jo Yongseok, is a favorite among fans of Manhwa because of its unique mix of magic and drama.

Wind Breaker will keep readers interested until the very end, thanks to its interesting plot and well-developed characters.

Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Spoilers!

Because of the science behind teleportation, Chen Heng feels very dizzy. He looks up at his two friends and sees that they are still too much to bear. He says that they should work together and share any gains.

The young guy in the white windbreaker laughs at Chen Heng’s soft face and looks at the tiny beads of sweat on the woman’s body. In the end, Chen Heng and the woman in front of him might make a better team.

A young man and Chen Heng go into a secret place together and become friends. Chen Heng smiles and looks at the woman in front of him. The woman hesitates for a moment and then puts out her hand.

Chen Heng asks for them to work together, and they do so for a short time. The secret area is surrounded by thick fog, so normal people can’t see anything there. Chen Heng and Kong Zhen are two unique warriors and beast guards who are exploring a mysterious cave.

Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Release Date

Kong Zhen, a fighter from another family, comes up to them. Chen Heng and Kong Zhen agree to go inside and look at the dead demons. After some time, they find two body demons inside the cave. Chen Heng and Kong Zhen work together to get rid of them.

They go back to the depths, and Chen Heng can feel his killing power getting stronger. This trip went well. Chen Heng is in a secret world where corpse demons help him kill and give him other benefits.

Kong Zhen can’t wait to give her things to the Black Dream Group, which will sell them for a lot of money. Chen Heng has good vision. He can still see the woman’s fine lines and sweat beads. The Black Dream Group got better at the job before, but Chen Heng’s performance is still awful.

The young guy in the windbreaker laughs at Chen Heng’s soft face and walks away. Chen Heng shrugs, turns around, and looks at the woman to the side. After hesitating for a moment, the woman nods.

Chen Heng gives the woman in front of him a smile and puts out his hand. The young man thought the woman in front of him was just a bother, but Chen Heng saw this as a good way to find out what was ahead.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Recap!

In Wind Breaker Chapter 447, Before using the power of the future, Chen Heng ran the Mark of Fate, which was stolen from Lu Yao. The Mark of destiny can’t be turned on for too long because this power of destiny is hard to get and use. Chen Heng went back to his room and began putting his thoughts in order slowly and carefully.

Lu Yao saw that Chen Heng had left, and she thought Chen Heng should rest. Chen Heng stayed in his room for the next few days and seemed to train. The parents of Lu Yao didn’t care and were quiet in the house.

Chen Heng wanted to get stronger so badly that he ran back to school. Fang Yuan asked Chen Heng why he had returned so soon. He said that he came back early to take care of something important. Chen Heng’s strength has grown since the last time he competed.

He needs to reach at least the fourth and fifth ring strengths to feel sure that he can survive the dangers that will come his way in the future. Chen Heng’s face was calm on the road, and he thought that the strength of the four and five rings should already be at the top.

Chen Heng first came to this world to fix and improve his true spirit so he could keep getting stronger and attack at a higher level. In order to reach this goal, he wanted to join the Heimeng Group in a league game where doing jobs would earn him lots of money.

Wind Breaker Chapter 448 Release Date

For the job, they needed a beastmaster who was strong enough to go into a hidden realm. If he found some of the information, he could get enough tips. The private area at Longcheng Academy is hard to get, but it can be taken by a lot of different groups.

Chen Heng once went to a secret place and practiced his mind power there. The Mark of fate is powered by the part of Lu Yao’s luck power that was taken from him before.

It’s hard to get and hard to use this power. Chen Heng had to fight the famous five heroes, who were strong enough to hunt down the golden dead.

He had to get ready early because if he didn’t do well, he would stop right away. Chen Heng went back to his room and began putting his thoughts in order slowly and carefully. Chen Heng had left the living room, which Lu Yao saw.

Chen Heng stayed in his room for the next few days and seemed to train. Chen Heng heard Fang Yuan’s words again, so he ran back quickly to get stronger as soon as possible. Chen Heng took care of the problem after he worked for another day. He could tell that his body was getting stronger.

These killing skills started to become part of his body and make him who he was. Chen Heng’s power has grown so much that it looks like that of a second-ring fighter. But he needs to get to the fourth and fifth rings within a year to be sure he can handle the risks that come next.

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Where To Read Wind Breaker?

Wind Breaker is an interesting manhwa with a unique plot and likable characters that have drawn people in. If you want to read this interesting manhwa, the best place to do so is on Webtoon.

This website is a great place for people who like manga because it has a lot of different kinds of manga. Here, it’s easy to look up Wind Breaker and read some free stories.


When readers finished reading the end of Wind Breaker Chapter 448, they were on the edge of their seats. The chapter was full of interesting things to read, which made it fun and quick to read.

Even though there were a lot of action scenes, the author made sure that the characters grew and changed as the book went on. Bob, who wrote the post, thought the chapter was fun to read and has told others that they should do the same.

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