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Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 Release Date: What to Expect From Next Chapter(Spoilers Alert)


Are you ready for more excitement in Chainsaw Man Chapter 132? Fans of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s comic series have been on the edge of their seats because the story is full of excitement and never know what will happen next.

The last chapter finished with a shocking twist that made us wonder what will happen next. Well, you don’t have to keep wondering because we have good news for you.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 will be out soon, and we know everything you need to know about it. Read on to find out when the next book will come out, what it will be about, and where you can read the latest part online.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 Quick Info!

Title Chainsaw Man
Author Tatsuki Fujimoto
Chapter 132
Release Date June 14, 2023
Where to Read Viz Media

Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 Release Date!

Chainsaw Man chapter 132 will come out on June 14, 2023, at midnight JST. For most people around the world, this means that the movie will come out on Tuesday, June 13, 2023, during the afternoon.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 Release Date

A small number of foreign readers, like those in Japan, will get the issue early in the morning on Wednesday, June 14, 2023. If you like this manga, you should also try Blue Lock And One Piece.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 131 Recap!

Chainsaw Man chapter 131 started right where the last issue stopped, with Denji and Asa diving right into the mouth-stomach of the supposed Gluttony Devil.

Denji was able to stop them from falling in at first, but the Falling Devil used her skills to make them fall in any way. After he ate them, Falling asked Gluttony what a “human steeped in fear” tasted like.

Then, in a shocking move, the Gluttony Devil threw up Denji and Asa, which made Falling seem to start crying. She then said it was time for him to die, and she used her skills to call up a huge beam of light that killed him.

Falling then apologized to someone for failing, which turned out to be Famine Devil Fami, who told her to come back and turned her into a doll.

Then it comes out that Control Devil Nayuta was also there, and she says that she used her skills to make Denji and Asa taste like “literal crap” to the Devil.

Then, they talked about Nostradamus’s forecast and how it will end the Age of Humans and start the Age of Devils, which neither of them wants. Fami then asked Nayuta to work with her, but Nayuta said no because she had to go to school. That was the end of the problem.

What to Expect From Chainsaw Man Chapter 132?

Chainsaw Man chapter 132 is going to start a new story arc, so it’s hard to say what the next issue will be about. But since chapter 131 ends with Nayuta at school after the fight with the Falling Devil, it’s very possible that the next issue will be about her.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 Release Date

This also makes sense, since she needs to think about what Fami told her. Chainsaw Man chapter 132 could also focus on either Asa or Denji and show how they feel after (in their minds) narrowly avoiding death in a way that makes no sense.

The next issue could be about anything, and fans can expect the near future of the series to be very exciting if Fujimoto is at his best and has freedom with the story.

Where to Read Chainsaw Man Chapter 132?

Fans can read the issue on Viz Media, the MANGAPlus service from Shueisha, or the Shonen Jump+ app from Shueisha. The first two are free services that let people read the first three issues and the last three issues of a series. The last one is a paid service that gives fans access to the whole series in exchange for a membership.

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