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When Is Blindspotting Season 3 Release Date? Find All To Know About The Upcoming Anticipated Series


The first episode of the second of the series of comedy series Blindspotting which is produced by Starz debuted on the channel on Friday, April 14 2023 and fans have been eager to find out the release date of the anticipated third season.

The series is a spin-off of Carlos Lopez Estrada’s 2018 film of the same name and takes place six months after the events depicted in the film. This article covers all you need to know about the third season and the release date.

Blindspotting Plot

blindspotting season 3 release date

Miles went to Jail but no one had any doubts about that. He also threatened all with his pistol although the weapons were bought to defend themselves, not in the imidate individuals. The main thing to focus on in this situation is that Ashley was left without care.

She will have to live with formal relatives who are not happy with these connections. A teenager constantly has to think about what life consists of and how not to get bogged down in several thoughts. Ashley also tries to spice up everything with humor so as not to be vulnerable and not at all dispute in despondency.

blindspotting season 3 release date

Many events cannot be prevented and all that remains is to form an attitude toward them and not allow yourself to be pitied. There has been no story that could be summoned up in two seasons and so fans are optimistic about a season renewal and are also hoping for a piece of good news.

The series also carries a lot of drama as Ashley is left alone to suffer by staying with her relatives who don’t agree with the decisions. She also tries not to appear weak in the midst of people by speaking with a lot of humor and then disappearing from the crowd.

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Blindspotting Season 3 Release Date

blindspotting season 3 release date

There is currently no official news or information regarding the official announcement regarding the official release date of Blindspotting season 3. However, season 2 of the series was released in May and fans are expecting season 3 to be released in May 2024.

The series is expected to have eight episodes and would be available on the Starz channel after the official announcement of season 3.

Blindspotting Season 3 Cast

blindspotting season 3 release date

Jasmine Cephas Jones as Ashley

•Candace Nicholas Lippman as Janelle

•Benjamin Earl Turner as Earl

•Jaylen Barron as Irish

•Atticus Woodward as Sean

•Rafael Casal as Miles

•Helen Hunt as Rainey

•Justin Chu Cary as Rob

•April Absynth as Jacque Basco

•Lance Cameron Holloway as Cuddie

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Where Can Blindspotting Be Watched?

blindspotting season 3 release date

Fans can currently be able to watch Blindspotting on the Staerz Apple TV Channel, Starz, DirecTV, Starz Roku premium Channel, Spectrum on Demand, or for free with add on The Roku channel. Blindspotting can also be downloaded on Amazon Video, Apple Tv, Google Play Movies, and Vudu.

However, the trailer or teaser for season 3 has not been released yet but fans can highly anticipate the confirmation and renewal in a few month time.

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