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Sirius Was Not Harry Potter’s Most Heroic Black Character!


Sirius Black was crucial to the Harry Potter universe. Gary Oldman was first cast as Sirius Black in the film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Sirius is a descendant of the illustrious Black family, which prized its pure wizard lineage.

The Blacks’ ancestry is frequently mentioned in the Harry Potter films, but their family tree is never explored in depth. Fans who wish to learn more must peruse J.K. Rowling’s books in order to gain a broader understanding of the Black family and uncover hidden treasures, such as the forgotten Regulus Arcturus Black.

Regulus Black, Sirius’s younger sibling, is mentioned in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, but he is never completely investigated. Examining the Harry Potter novels in greater detail reveals the tragic fate of Regulus Black and his association with the Dark Lord.

Harry Potter unquestionably portrayed Sirius Black as a hero, but he omitted the explanation for why Sirius may have resembled his junior sibling. Regulus is poorly understood, but his ultimate sacrifice may have made him the most valiant member of the Black family.

Who Was Regulus Black in the Harry Potter Universe?

Regulus Black was a pure-blood wizard and Sirius Black’s sibling in the Harry Potter series. Sometimes, he was compared to Draco Malfoy, as their personalities were partially similar. Regulus, like Draco, was a Slytherin who subsequently joined Voldemort’s Death Eater organization.

Sirius Was Not Harry Potter's Most Heroic Black Character!

Being born into the House of Black brought with it philosophies that were consistent with those of the Dark Wizards. Regulus was therefore destined to join Voldemort at some stage; this was not unexpected.

Harry Potter exemplified why Regulus was not a traditional Dark Lord devotee, as he began to doubt Voldemort’s belief in pure-blood superiority. After observing Voldemort assaulting Kreacher, his house-elf, Regulus took it upon himself to thwart Voldemort’s plan to eradicate all non-pure wizards en masse.

Regulus’s transformation from a villainous Death Eater to a tragic hero, as narrated by Harry Potter, was the ideal redemption narrative. His ancestry may have led him down the incorrect path, but his personality transformation ultimately shone through and redeemed his character.

Regulus, like all heroes, died attempting to cleanse the universe of evil. Regulus was killed by the inferno guarding Voldemort’s locket Horcrux during his attempt to destroy it. He perished without reuniting with his sibling Sirius or divulging his true allegiance.

Regulus may have passed away at a young age, but his demise had an impact on the Harry Potter narrative due to his devotion to Kreacher. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Kreacher assisted Harry and provided insightful information about the locket. Will There Be a Movie Version of; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? What Do We Know?

Sirius and Regulus Black Possessed Comparable Heroic Qualities!

Sirius and Regulus Black may not have had the ideal sibling relationship, but they did share certain traits. Although Sirius may have initially opposed the Blacks’ ideologies, Regulus ultimately rejected them as well, resulting in his heroic demise.

Sirius, like Regulus, perished attempting to thwart Voldemort’s mission for immortality and Wizarding World conquest. Regulus stands out due to the solitary path he must traverse. In the Harry Potter films, Sirius was always surrounded by trustworthy friends and allies, whereas Regulus had to combat alone so Voldemort wouldn’t discover his plan.

Sirius Was Not Harry Potter's Most Heroic Black Character!

His character development resulted from his personal growth as he perished alone, with only Kreacher aware of his location. Both Sirius and Regulus demonstrated that being born Black did not require them to adhere to their family’s beliefs.

Regulus was an underappreciated character in the Harry Potter franchise, and including additional Black family members would have been a welcome addition to Sirius Black.

In the end, Sirius may have merely duplicated Regulus’ heroic efforts, as they preceded Sirius’ own. Sirius and Regulus were evidently more alike than the Harry Potter universe suggested.

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