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The Hero Returns Chapter 63 Release Date: Find Out When the New Chapter Available!


The Hero Returns Chapter 63 Release Date: In Chapter 63 of The Hero Returns, we’ll find out if Kim Soohyun joins Park Jiyeon’s, Reaper Guild. Park Jiyeon is a new character who has just been added to the show.

And she is just as strong as Kim Soohyun since their fight ended in a tie. We also saw that Kim Soohyun is being followed by someone who is trying to learn more about him. But her name hasn’t been given out yet.

Kim Soohyun named his new pet dragon Mir in Chapter 62. When Mir grows up, it would be cool to see him as a big dragon, and Kim Soohyun could use him in his fights. We even got to see Kim Soohyun and Park Jiyeon fight hard, but the fight ended in a tie.

Fans are getting excited about the next chapter after seeing the new character in the story. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you when and where you can read The Hero Returns Chapter 62 in this piece.

In this article, we will discuss The Hero Returns Chapter 63 Release Date, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

The Hero Returns Chapter 63 Quick Info!

Title The Hero Returns
Author Black Ajin
Chapter 63
Release Date June 11, 2023
Where to Read Kakao Page

When And Where to Read The Hero Returns Chapter 63?

The next chapter of The Hero Returns will come out on Sunday, June 11, 2023, KST. Each part comes out once a week. You can read the raw version of The Hero Returns Chapter 63 on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon. Tapas has an English version of The Hero Returns, but their website only has 56 episodes.

What Happens in The Hero Returns Chapter 63?

Kim Soohyun starts the chapter by giving his pet dragon a name. After Song Hyun-Gki gave him the dragon, he asked Kim Soohyun if he had given it a name. The dragon’s name was given by Kim Soohyun.

Kim Soohyun is later seen walking around while thinking about Song Hyun-Gki. Kim thought Song Hyun-Gki was nicer than he did. Kim was a little worried about him because he used to act in strange ways. He didn’t think Hyun-Gki would be that way. After getting the dragon, he was happy.

Kim Soohyun was walking home when a spy talked to him and told his boss what was going on. The person who hired the spy told him to report everything Kim did because they were still a long way from finishing the script.

The Hero Returns Chapter 63 Release Date

When the spy kept going after the person, someone in disguise caught him. When Kim got home, he was attacked in his room by the person who killed the spy. But Kim stayed out of his way. Kim told him he didn’t want to fight in his house.

The kid (the person who was pretending to be a kid) started hitting Kim over and over, but Kim dodged every blow by punching back. Kim’s speed was kept up by the kid. He looked pretty powerful.

The kid tried to kick Kim in the stomach, where he had put the dragon, but Kim stopped him. Kim told him that he knew he had broken into his house, but he told him not to touch his dragon.

Kim shouldn’t have any trouble fighting again now that he has a lot of energy back. But he couldn’t leave Mir alone until he knew what the boy wanted. The boy then stands ready and tells Kim to go after him.

Kim figured out why the boy was fighting him with his hands. He didn’t understand why the kid didn’t want to take Mir away from him. The kid only wanted to fight Kim to see how strong she was.

Then Kim pushed Mir away and got ready to fight him. Kim asked the kid if he wanted to fight him so badly that he broke into his house. Then they both fought until they were dead.

When the kid was tired, he took off his mask and was told to join the Reaper Guild. The kid’s name was later revealed to be Park Jiyeon, and she was the leader of the Reaper Guild. If you enjoyed reading this manga, you might also be interested in reading Weak Hero and Blue Lock, which is a combination of Action and Thrill.


Kim Soohyun and Park Jiyeon’s fight in the Reaper Guild was a draw. The fight finished in a tie, and Kim Soohyun named his new pet dragon Mir. On Sunday, June 11, 2023, KST, the next part of The Hero Returns will be released. On Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon, fans can read the raw form. The Hero Returns is available in English on Tapas, but their website only has 56 episodes. Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more latest and most entertaining manga News.

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