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Natalie Portman Reveals If She Would Like To Be Part Of Star Wars Again!


Natalie Portman recently wowed fans as Mighty Thor in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, even though she said she should have gone to therapy before making the movie. But who was the most struck by her? Her two kids, Aleph and Amalia, are with Benjamin Millepied, whom she says cheated on her.

During the UK premiere of the movie, the actress said, “I was very lucky to get this role at a time when that was really impressive for them.” “I don’t do a lot that would impress them. It was great that Taika and Marvel gave me this chance to prove myself to them.

As long as we’re talking about being cool, does this mean Portman might come back to Star Wars? With the new Disney+ show The Mandalorian, the series has once again taken over the internet. But it looks like her kids are the same as Hayden Christensen’s daughter, who is “ignorant” of the fact that he plays Darth Vader.

Does Natalie Portman Want to Go Back to Star Wars?

As of 2020, Portman wasn’t trying to make her kids think she was cool by being in Star Wars. She said at the time, “I haven’t shown my kids the movies yet because I think it’s weird for them to think of me as anything but their mom.”

“They’ve seen the new Star Wars movies, which I haven’t seen because my son has seen them and my daughter is too young,” I said.

Natalie Portman

But in May 2023, the actress who played Jackie gave fans hope when she said she was open to coming back. When a fan asked her about reports about her coming back to Star Wars, she said, “I don’t know anything about that.”

No one has ever asked me to come back, but I wouldn’t mind if they did.” Waititi gave her a part in a Star Wars project he was working on, but he didn’t know that she had already been in the series.

He says he forgot because he asked me if I wanted to be in a Star Wars movie, and I said, “I was.” The actress told GQ. I thought he was making a joke. I thought it was a joke because he is such a jokester. Then, in a later interview, he said, “I was like cringing afterward.”

Is Natalie Portman No Longer in the Thor Movies?

Portman left the Thor series before the 2022 movie Love and Thunder. Reports say it was because she wanted to spend more time with her 2011-born first child.

She told the Wall Street Journal in 2016: “As far as I know, I’m done. I mean, I have no idea if they’ll ever ask for an Avengers 7 or not. But as far as I know, I’m done. It was great to be a part of.”

After telling Jane Foster a better story idea, Instar director Taika Waititi was able to convince her to come back.  He told Empire, “You don’t want Natalie to come back and play the same character who walks around with science gear.”

You know, while Thor is flying around, she’s stuck on Earth, tapping her foot and asking, ‘When’s he coming back?’ That’s dull. You want her to join in on the fun.”

Natalie Portman

Waititi “came with the comic books where Jane becomes the Mighty Thor and said, ‘What do you think of this?‘” Portman said, talking about how her part had changed for the better. So it was a chance to work with him and for Jane to become a superhero, which was very exciting.

How Old Was Natalie Portman When She Was in Star Wars?

When The Phantom Menace came out in 1999, Portman was about 17 or 18 when she started playing Padmé Amidala. When Attack of the Clones was being made, she was 21 years old. When Revenge of the Sith was being made, she was 23 or 24. She may have missed the opening of her first Star Wars movie because she had to study for her finals.

During the three books, the author of “Black Swan” was at Harvard University working on her bachelor’s degree in psychology. “I don’t care if ruins my career…I’d rather be smart than a movie star,” she said of putting her schooling first.

She also talked about how the negative response to the Star Wars spinoff series hurt her career. “Everyone said I was a bad actor. She once told New Yorker, “I was in the highest-grossing movie of the decade, but no director wanted to work with me.”

Still, she happily remembered how “Star Wars is the most like being a child that I’ve ever experienced in acting.” She also said, “It’s like taking a refrigerator box and pretending it’s your spaceship because you’re literally working with nothing…”  Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more latest and most entertaining News.

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