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Where to Read Kengan Omega Chapter 214? Release Date And More!


Kengan Omega Chapter 214 Release Date: Are you ready for the next exciting episode of Kengan Omega? Sandrovich Yabako and Daromeon’s manga story about martial arts has been showing fights between the Kengan Association and Purgatory, which are two secret groups that settle disagreements by fighting.

In the last part, we saw how the fight between Tokuno’o Tokumichi and Liu Dongcheng finished. Both fighters passed out from their injuries, so it was a draw. What will happen next in the tournament between Kengan and Purgatory? Will the strange Tiger’s Vessel finally be put to use?

Most fans are eager to know when Kengan Omega Chapter 214 will come out, as well as the cast and other information. We’ve changed everything on this page about Kengan Omega Chapter 214.

Kengan Omega Chapter 214 Quick Info!

Title Kengan Omega
Author Daromeon
Chapter 214
Release Date June 14, 2023
Where to Read Comiskey

When and Where to Read Kengan Omega Chapter 214?

On June 14, 2023, Kengan Omega Chapter 214 is likely to come out. The next chapter of Kengan Omega will come out at 6 p.m. Every Wednesday, a new part of Kengan Omega comes out, so be sure not to miss it.

Kengan Omega Chapter 214 Release Date

The main Comiskey website will have Kengan Omega Chapter 214. Please check the website often because the first few hours of the chapter will be free to read. If you want to read the whole chapter after that time limit has passed, you will have to switch to paid options.

Kengan Omega Chapter 213 Recap!

The chapter starts with a story about the King of Combat, Tokuno’o Tokumichi, and his time as a sumo fighter. He was a child genius who quickly rose to the top rank of Yokozuna, but he was also cocky and rude to his opponents and the sport.

After killing a fellow wrestler in a fight, he was kicked out of the sumo association. He then started fighting in Kengan fights and became one of Japan’s best fighters.

Back in the present, Tokuno’o is fighting Liu Dongcheng, the Centipede, in the ninth match of the Kengan vs. Purgatory Tournament. Liu is a master of the Divine Demon Style, a form of martial arts that lets him move his joints and bones to make dangerous strikes. He uses his final technique, Divine Demon: Centipede, which turns his body into a flexible and powerful weapon.

Tokuno’o fights back with his own ultimate method, Sumo: Wowang, which combines his strength and speed to great effect. He hits Liu with a number of strong blows that break his bones and organs. But Liu won’t give up, and he keeps fighting back by moving like a centipede.

Both fighters are knocked out by a final blow from each other. The match is a tie because neither player can get up within ten seconds. Now, the score is 5-3-1 in Purgatory’s favor. People watching the fight are shocked by how cruel and epic it was.

Kengan Omega Chapter 214 Release Date

The chapter ends with a look at the next match, which will be between Akoya Seishu, the Executioner, from Kengan, and Nicolas Le Banner, the Grim Reaper of Paris, from Purgatory.

Both of them are known for being cruel and willing to kill, which could make their fight a bloodbath. What will happen in kengan omega chapter 214?  Also, read  Heavenly Demon Instructor Chapter 99  and  Eleceed Chapter 250 for more fun and entertainment.


In the end, Kengan Omega Chapter 214 looks like it will be a thrilling adventure, and fans of this exciting series can’t wait to see what happens next. You can already get the raw scans, and the news of the release date is coming up soon.

Manga fans are very excited right now, and we can’t wait for a chapter that will keep us on the edge of our seats. Fans have to wait and try to guess what will happen to our stars in the meantime. Chapter 214 of Kengan Omega is expected to come out on June 14, 2023. Follow Crossover99 for the most recent and interesting manga news.

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