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Angel Brinks Net Worth Find All You Need To Know Here!


Angel Brinks is a famous reality television star as well as a fashion designer who served as the CEO of Angel Brinks company. She rose to fame through her appearance on VH1’s reality TV show Basketball Wives LA. Fans of the reality celebrity have been speculating about her current net worth. provides all the information you need to know about Angel Bricks as well as her current net worth in 2023.

Angel Bricks Early Life

angel brinks net worth

Angel Bricks was born on October 19, 1982, in Los Angeles, California. The actress has not given any information about her parents but it has been reported that her parents have always dreamed to see her have a successful life.

She began her career learning Ballet dancing at the early age of 3. However, her passion for music increased as she grew up and she decided to pursue a music career. She attended the Fashion Institute of Designing and Merchandising. While studying at the Institue she decided to make a career in fashion design ahead of singing.

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Angel Bricks Career

angel brinks net worth

Angel Brinks began to pursue a career in fashion design and in 2010 she started her fashion line. She made significant progress and in 2012 her designs were featured in the New York Fashion Week which made her gain more audience. She was also featured in Facet Studio’s Fashion Show in the same year.
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Angel Brinks has been thriving in getting recognized in the fashion world as her works have been making waves. Angel Brinks’s clothing line includes Bodysuits, Leggins, Jackets, and much more. Angel Brinks has also dressed many celebrities which includes Amber Rose, Blac Chyna, and Nicki Minaj.

angel brinks net worth

Angel Brinks also revealed that her products are made from special clothing materials and she has always tried to make her product look more unique and charming at the same time. She also started a clothing line for kids in 2013. In 2014, she made an appearance in season 4 of VH1’s show Basketball Wives LA.

The reality series features popular basketball wives and their spouses. She also appeared in season 5 of Basketball Wives LA in 2015. It was rumored in 2017 that she would start her organic skincare line. Soon after the launch of the skincare line, she became famous due to the quality products including body scrubs and cleansers.

Angel Bricks Net Worth

angel brinks net worth

Angel Brick’s net worth as of June 2023 is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Her huge income comes from her work as the CEO of Angel Brinks Company a fashion design company and her appearance on several reality television shows.

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Who Is Angel Bricks Currently Dating?

angel brinks net worth

Angel Brinks has not shared any information about her love life however she has been in several relationships without disclosing their identity. According to reports she was married to an unknown man for a few years. It was reported that she was an escort to her ex-husband before tying the knot.

It was reported that she was 9 months pregnant when her ex-husband committed suicide. She eventually delivered a bay boy which she named Azari Marquis. She then began dating Tyreke Evans who is a famous basketball player.
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She was pregnant with him and delivered a baby girl in 2014.
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angel brinks net worth

The child was named Amani. After dating for a couple of years the pair got into a quarrel and they decided to break up. It was also rumored that she was once in a relationship with Jackie Long who is an actor and a famous producer however neither of the couples confirmed the relationship.

Angel Brinks on October 19, 2021, shared on an Instagram post that she was pregnant and would soon deliver a baby. But she did not disclose any details about the baby’s father. She was also involved in a controversy after the news made around that she previously worked as a paid escort in Las Vegas.

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