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This Goes Between Chapter and Verse NYT Crossword Clue!


If you like crossword problems, you may have seen this hint before: “This goes between chapter and verse.” Do you know what’s going on? Don’t worry if you don’t. We’ll explain what this tip means and how to solve it in this post.

What Does the Clue Mean?

The hint “This goes between chapter and verse” is a play on words that refers to a punctuation mark that is used to split the chapter and verse numbers in a biblical reference. For example, if you want to quote the first verse of the third chapter of the book of Genesis, you would write “Genesis 3:1”. The answer to the puzzle is the stop mark that goes between 3 and 1.

What is the Answer To “This Goes Between Chapter and Verse Clue”?

The answer to “This goes between chapter and verse” is “COLON.” A colon is a type of punctuation mark made up of two dots that are put on top of the other. It is used to start a list, quote, summary, or rational conclusion. It is also used to split the hours and minutes in a time marker, like “10:30.”

How to Figure Out the Answer?

To figure out what “This goes between chapter and verse” means, you need to think of a quotation mark with five letters that fit in the puzzle grid.

This Goes Between Chapter and Verse NYT Crossword Clue

You can cut down the options by using tips. You could, for example, look at the letters that are already in the grid or at the clues for the words that cross over. You can also use a general understanding of quotation marks and how to use them.

Where Did the Clue Come From?

The clue “This goes between chapter and verse” was in the June 8, 2023, New York Times crossword puzzle. Philip Koski made the puzzle, and Will Shortz made sure it was correct. The crossword in the New York Times is a famous American puzzle that is printed and posted online every day. It is known for its clever wordplay, difficult topics, and connections to other cultures.

What’s Interesting About the Clue?

The riddle “This goes between chapter and verse” is interesting because it tests your understanding of both punctuation marks and biblical references. It also uses the fact that the word “between” can mean both “in the middle of” and “separating.” The clue is also a good example of how puzzle clues can use different kinds of wordplay, such as anagrams, homophones, synonyms, antonyms, secret words, reversals, deletions, additions, or replacements. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more interesting puzzle games.

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