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Weak Hero Chapter 249: Release Date and How to Read Online for Free!


Weak Hero Chapter 249 Release Date: Weak Hero is a story about Gray Yeon. He appears to be your ordinary middle school student, but in truth, he is not all that. He has refined his abilities to the maximum degree and is now self-assured enough to face any adversary, large or little.

Since he lacks the physical might to prevail, he makes use of his surroundings and isn’t afraid to employ cunning strategies. Yeon will employ all tactics at his disposal because of his “win at all costs” mindset.

He dealt with the chief bully and his thugs by himself on the first day of his new school. He did not, however, receive the outcome he had hoped for. By eliminating one bully, many appeared from different directions. His modest manner made him an easy target.

The people who have ever opposed him have never disturbed him again. Yeon didn’t care that this simply served to further his notoriety. He discovers through time that not everybody is trying to get him.

He gained many allies, some of whom he even assisted in defeating their enemies. Yeon distinguishes himself from others with his superior analytical abilities.

In this article, we will discuss Weak Hero Chapter 249 Release Date, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more.

Weak Hero Chapter 249 Quick Info!

Title Weak Hero
Chapter 249
Release Date June 10, 2023
Where to Read Naver Comic

When and Where to Read Weak Hero Chapter 249?

The publication of Weak Hero Chapter 249 is scheduled for or around June 10, 2023. Weak Hero Chapter 249 Raw is available on Naver Comics and Naver Series. You may currently read the first 245 chapters of the Manhwa for free whenever it’s convenient for you.

Weak Hero Chapter 249 Release Date

The remaining chapters can be accessed in one of two ways. Patience is one of them. Old chapters will be transferred to the public domain when new chapters are published.

Spoilers & Predictions for Weak Hero Chapter 249!

Donald Na sought to include Eunjang in The Union after defeating Ben Park. Anyone else who wanted to push him to go forward, according to him, was not willing. They have all conceded defeat, therefore. Anyhow, it was a losing struggle.

However, there is a bright side. Gray Yeon, who was watching the battle, makes a comment on how Donald Na may be overcome. It must be true if Yeon is the one making the claim.

Weak Hero Chapter 248 Recap!

In Weak Hero Chapter 248, the conflict between Eunjang and The Union is drawing to a close. Things are, unfortunately, looking extremely bad for Eunjang. They have bruises all over their bodies and are very exhausted.

They are formidable fighters, but in this instance, numbers won out over quality. Ben Park arrived as their only hope at the very last second. Donald Na is challenged to a duel by him. a contest to determine the Han River battle’s victor.

Donald Na was pleased to comply, but before he did, he gave Ben Park one final chance to give up. To everyone’s horror, he extended an invitation to Eunjang to join The Union. They began to argue because Eunjang did not want to work for someone as brutal as Donald Na.

Although Donald Na first seems to be in control, Ben Park is cordially pursuing him. However, it quickly becomes clear that Donald Na cannot be defeated by power alone, so Ben Park utilizes his Trump Card. He understood that he couldn’t perceive Donald Na as his usual foe. To beat him, he must be wiser. He sought advice from Gray Yeon.

Gray counsels him to carry out his attack. Hence, he should launch a second attack after the first. Create a combination, if possible, and keep using it until it comes naturally. Ben gently shoves Donald Na against a wall to stop him from moving. When he was facing the wall, Ben used his combination, which he called “The Hellbound.”

Weak Hero Chapter 249 Release Date

But Donald Na was more powerful than he had thought. He could withstand all of the force of his combination and then some. Ben, though, was able to frighten Donald Na. He experienced fear for the first time in his life. fearing defeat in a struggle. They severely damaged Ben’s ability to evade, which led to Donald Na taking out his frustration on Ben. He was thrashed till he passed out.


Gray Yeon, a middle school boy who has honed his skills and is now confident enough to fight any foe, is the subject of the narrative “Weak Hero.” He makes use of his surroundings and isn’t hesitant to utilize devious tactics. He made a lot of allies and set himself apart from the competition with his exceptional analytical skills. On June 10, 2023, Weak Hero Chapter 249 will be released; it can be found on Naver Comics and Naver Series. When new chapters are released, the older chapters will be placed in the public domain. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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