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Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81: When and Where to Read the Latest Chapter?


Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81: The upcoming publication of Chapter 81 of Leveling With the Gods is imminent. In the prior chapter, Wukong resorted to violence towards Ahjussi in order to learn more about Yuwoon. Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81 answers the questions readers have been asking since the arrival of Yuwoon’s double.

Kim Yuwoon was trying to strengthen the glove, but he didn’t see any use in strengthening the knee alone. He failed to take into account the limitations of upgraders and enchanters, or that whatever benefits they provided would be transient at best.

Since they were obviously unable to fulfill the roles of machinery, he was quite confident that the blacksmith could. When Ahjussi considered the possibility that the inhabitants of Olympus had just arrived at their position, he concluded the morning breeze made perfect sense.

After arriving at Ahjussi’s residence, Wukong was initially confused as to whether or not it was indeed his. Her physique, in Ahjussi’s opinion, belonged on Olympus, thus he was curious as to what had brought her to his home.

Wukong advised him to take it easy with her because their reunion was long overdue. She commented on how warm his apartment was, let him know she was still leading the same lifestyle, and politely requested that he fill her in on recent developments.

Since she was wielding a different weapon, Ahjussi inquired as to whether or not she had discarded the one he had fashioned for her. Wukong informed him that she already possessed a superior weapon and promptly destroyed the one he had crafted for her. Let us fill you in on when and where you may get the raw translation of Chapter 81 of Leveling With the Gods online.

Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81 Quick Info!

Title Leveling With the Gods
Author Ohyeon
Chapter 81
Release Date June 13, 2023
Where to Read Tapas

When and Where to Read Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81?

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. KST, Chapter 81 of Leveling With the Gods will be made available online. Tapas will soon have the English-translated 81st chapter of Leveling With the Gods. On KakaoPage, readers may read the raw version of Chapter 81 of Leveling With the Gods. If you like this manga you should also try Jinx and Payback.

Recap of Leveling With the Gods Chapter 81!

Wukong said the dragon king has used the weapon before, though he didn’t say for what purpose. Because to her carelessness, Ahjussi became extremely enraged. Wukong confirmed that for him, but she was not present to answer his questions concerning the weapon.

Wukong said that she was trying to locate Kim Yuwon and politely inquired as to if he was familiar with the man. Wukong’s eyes were like golden cinders. Wukong could quickly determine whether or not Ahjussi knew about Kim Yuwoon thanks to his superior vision.

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Although Ahjussi was aware that Sun Wukong’s eyes were not particularly powerful since they were not part of his primary body, Sun Wukong’s true identity was nevertheless plainly discernible. Unfortunately for him, Ahjussi was unable to provide any details regarding Kim Yuwoon.

Wukong questioned his friend’s grin by inquiring as to if he was familiar with the subject. Ahjussi informed him he was unaware of the man’s existence. Wukong said that he did not want to murder Ahjussi, but that if Ahjussi did not give him the information he needed, he would have no choice. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Updates.

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