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Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Release Date: Don’t Miss the Next Episode of the Hilarious Adventure!


Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Release Date: Empress Rashta was upset that she didn’t meet Evely when she came to visit. Evely told Empress Rashta all the stories she had heard about the emperor and her, so readers are interested to see how Evely’s time with Empress Rashta goes in Remarried Empress Chapter 137.

In the eastern kingdom, the maid drove Lady Evely to the palace in a carriage. As they were entering the palace, Empress Rashta caught them. Empress Rashta told the maid not to ask about Lady Evely, and she thought it was rude that Lady Evely didn’t come out to meet her.

When Empress Rashta got out of the carriage, she asked Lady Evely to come out and meet her because she didn’t like how rude everyone was being. Empress Rashta was shocked to see that she looked about the same age as Betty.

Evely told the butler that she had never met an Empress like Rashta. Empress Rashta was about to punish Evely for being rude, but one of the butlers came out from inside the house and told her that Evely was a guest of Emperor Sovieshu.

Empress Rashta was annoyed that Emperor Sovieshu was hosting such a rude guest. She told the butler Evely that he was being very rude to her, so she deserved to know who the lady was.

Evely was rude, so the Baron yelled at her and told her to apologize to Empress Rashta. Evely did not apologize.

Empress Rashta figured out that Evely was not a high-class royal because the Baron was yelling at her, but she still wanted to know more about her.

In this article, we will talk about the Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Release date, Where to read, and a recap of the previous chapter. Scroll down and read the complete article if you wish to obtain all information.

When and Where to Read Remarried Empress Chapter 137?

Chapter 137 of Remarried Empress is due to come out on June 17, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. KST. The English translation of Remarried Empress Chapter 137 will be on Webtoons. Raw Chapter 137 of Remarried Empress can be found on Naver Comic.

Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Release Date

Remarried Empress Chapter 136 Recap!

The Baron told Evely that the palace had its own rules and that she should be careful about how she acted.

He also told her that she had no right to talk to Empress Rashta in that way.

Even though Evely was a good wizard in the making, the Baron thought she was a very proud girl for acting that way and not listening to him. But she no longer had these special powers, and if she kept acting like that, no one would pay attention to her and she would soon be kicked out of the house.

The Baron took Evely to the office of His Majesty and told him that Evely had arrived. The Baron was asked by His Majesty to let her into his office. Evely wondered why he called her because he had never called her before, but he had called her twice since Empress Rashta Navier left.

Evely didn’t understand why Emperor Sovieshu was so good-looking. She used to think he looked stupid and annoying. The ruler Sovieshu told her that they wouldn’t be able to talk if she stood up the whole time.

Remarried Empress Chapter 137 Release Date

Evely told him she didn’t know why he wanted to talk to her. Sovieshu was a little shocked because he thought Evely would probably know. Evely told him that it was the first time he had called her. If you like this manga you should also read Weak Hero and Mission Yozakura Family


When Evely came to visit, the Empress Rashta was sad that she didn’t get to meet Evely. She asked her to come out and meet her, but when she did, she was shocked to see that she looked just like Betty. Empress Rashta didn’t like that Emperor Sovieshu had a guest who was so rude. Chapter 137 of Remarried Empress will be available on Webtoons and Naver Comic on June 17, 2023. Stay tuned with Crossover99, for more Manga Updates.

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