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Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 75 Release Date Revealed! Massive Surprises Await!


Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 75 Release Date: After reading the 74th chapter of Evolution Begins with a Big Tree, people who like the book are happy. In Chapter 74, we learned about the holy tree’s past and his plans. Now, the beasts are all over the world and causing trouble everywhere.

People are still dropping nuclear bombs on towns to kill the mutant beast. Now, the goat and the fox with nine tails have come back to the holy tree. Overall, the book starts with a big tree. Chapter 74 was great and had top-notch art. It set the stage for the next chapter, where the holy tree, the fox, and the goat will all move. Along with the mammoth, the dinosaur has also come back to life.

And if you’re thinking when the next chapter of Evolution Begins With a Big Tree will come out, don’t worry. In this piece, we’ll talk about when and where you can read Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 75. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 75 Quick Info!

Title Evolution Begins With a Big Tree
Author Lazy
Chapter 75
Release Date June 22, 2023
Where to Read Kuaikan Manhua

When and Where to Read Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 75? 

According to Otakukart, On Thursday, June 22, 2023, KST, the next parts of Evolution Begin with a Big Tree will be revealed. The part might come out before the set date. You can read raw versions of Chapters 75 and 76 of “Evolution Begins with a Big Tree” on Kuaikan Manhua. There is no English version of “Evolution Begins with a Big Tree.” Check out Payback and Lost in the Cloud if you want to read something similar.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 74 Recap!

The first thing in the chapter is a news about how the monster tree is getting stronger. Around the Beiyu Canyon, the HQ noticed a big rise in psychic power. The mental power reached as high as 800,000, and it was still going up. Soon, it would go over 1,000,000. The sacred tree had not been cut down yet. Not only did the spell fail to kill it, but it also made it stronger.

The holy tree didn’t think it would make more great first-order beasts than it did. If he hadn’t reached the ultimate third-order, it would have been hard to handle, especially the old behemoth, woolly mammoth, and dinosaur. If the dinosaur came back, even the most dangerous animal at the top of the chain of hunts would have to find a way to get to it.

The nine-tailed fox and the goat got to Beiyu Canyon while the holy tree was thinking about what to do. The holy tree told the fox that since the last time they met, he had grown an extra leaf. As you level up, you get another tail and your hate ability gets stronger.

He was becoming more and more like the nine-tailed fox from the tale. People were more afraid of them than they thought, and they thought there was no place in the world for them. So, they had to make their own countries.

Now that the fox and the goat were back, the holy tree had two more generals, and they only had a day to tell the world about them. Slowly, time went by, and then there was a land bang.

After that, the world was filled with a bright glow that shook everything, including land animals, plants, and everything else. The psychic wave had finally broken out. The person who couldn’t handle it turned into tiny pieces and vanished into the air.

Those who make it through would have even more power. Also, the psychic energy coming from Deep Mountain and the old forest was even more rich and full of life. The first place to see all of that was Beiyu Canyon. With Yu Ziyu in the Beiyu Canyon, the area’s psychic power became even more concentrated.


In conclusion, the 74th chapter of Evolution Begins with a Big Tree left readers excited and eager for more. The chapter provided insights into the holy tree’s past and its plans, while mutant beasts continued to wreak havoc worldwide. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of Chapter 75 on June 22, 2023, on Kuaikan Manhua, as the story delves deeper into the evolving world of this captivating manhua. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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