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Merciless Chapter 15 Release Date: When and Where to Read the Latest Chapter?


Merciless Chapter 15 Release Date: Lee Wonsik and Park Jin Hwan’s comic “Merciless” is a great book to read. The story is mostly about Do Janggon. He is a skilled human weapon and a member of a special forces intelligence team whose job is to protect against North Korean dangers. When he was on a job, both of his arms were badly hurt, which was a horrible turn of events.

The enemy captures Janggon and puts him in the notorious Daesan Welfare Centre. When Janggon’s arms are cut off at this facility, which violates human rights and uses slave labor, he is powerless and useless. This makes it a nightmare for those who are unlucky enough to be locked up there.

The doctor at the center said that it would take a whole month for his arms to fully heal if he didn’t put up with the roughness and torture at the center. Janggon sees many crimes happening inside the building as he struggles to stay alive in the harsh conditions.

He meets other prisoners who have been through terrible things at the hands of their attackers. He also learns about the manga’s dark themes of abuse, human rights violations, and the strength of the human spirit.

When and Where to Read Merciless Chapter 15? 

The next chapter of Merciless will come out on June 22, 2023. You can read Chapter 15 of Merciless on its main website, where you can also find the Korean version, which is called Kakao.

Merciless Chapter 15 Release Date

Fans might have to wait a while for the official English translations to be made public before they can read them. Check out  The Distance Between Us and  Getsuyoubi No Tawawa if you want to read something similar.

Merciless Chapter 14 Recap!

Fans of “Merciless” chapter 14 will be thrown into the scary pain of Do Janggon, a terrible human weapon and special forces spy fighting for North Korea. Janggon is in a bad position when he is caught and sent to the Daesan Welfare Centre. This is because he has serious injuries to both of his arms.

Janggon has to fight to stay alive and get justice in this jail, which is known for being cruel and greedy. Right away, it’s easy to see that Janggon is a very determined person. He hurts himself badly and is in a lot of pain, but he never gives up.

The doctor tells Janggon that it will take a month for his arms to heal, and Janggon has a hard time coming to terms with his situation. Being locked up in the help center forces him to face the awful pain he and the other people there go through. Janggon is driven by his strong will and the terrible things going on around him to find the truth and make sure justice is done.

This book shows how committed Janggon is to his cause, how brave he is, and how hard he fights against unfairness. Readers can’t wait for the next part because each turn in the story makes them want it even more. The author does a great job of making the story feel urgent and intense, which keeps readers’ eyes on the page.

Because the author shows Janggon’s problems in a skillful way, readers feel a lot of sympathy for him. Janggon is in terrible pain and can’t move around much, which makes his position even worse. Readers are pulled deeper into the character’s world as they follow his strength and determination, sharing his dreams, worries, and unwavering commitment to his goal.

In Chapter 14, Janggon is forced to rethink how much he cares after seeing how bad things are at the Daesan Welfare Center. As Janggon’s character grows in this chapter, readers will be interested to see how he fights against the odds and wins in later chapters.

Merciless Chapter 15 Release Date

The exciting fourteenth chapter of “Merciless” moves the story along in a strong way. Through Janggon’s struggles and determination, this chapter shows how strong the human spirit is and how it can keep going even when wronged.

In this chapter, the author does a good job of getting the reader ready for the obstacles and wins that are coming. Because the manga is well-written and has a lot of drama, readers can’t wait to read the next story to find out how Janggon handles his problems.


In conclusion, “Merciless” by Lee Wonsik and Park Jin Hwan is a gripping comic series that captivates readers with its intense storyline and exploration of dark themes. The protagonist, Do Janggon, a skilled human weapon, faces unimaginable challenges after losing both his arms and being imprisoned in the notorious Daesan Welfare Centre. Chapter 15 of “Merciless” is set to be released on June 22, 2023. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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