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Love, Betrayal, and Self-Discovery: Exploring The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 43!


The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 43: In “The Mistress Runs Away,” which was written by Baek Seol-eun and drawn by Lichi, the handsome Duke Killian Devonshire saves Rowena from a rainy day. He then takes her in as his mistress. Rowena and Duke Killian have been friends for three years, and that friendship has now turned into love.

She wants a future with Killian and is eager to pay off her debt so she can stand next to him as an equal. As Killian’s strange behavior gets worse, she starts to lose faith in him.

As soon as he says that another woman will be his wife, everything falls apart. Rowena goes on a journey to find out more about herself. She doesn’t know if what she does will help or hurt their relationship.
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As Rowena tries to figure out what her role is in Killian’s life, the challenges she faces take the reader on an emotional roller coaster. The comic talks about things like faith, self-worth, and love. The detailed artwork by Lichi, which shows how the characters feel, pulls the reader into the story’s stress and sadness.

Rowena faces her fears and looks for a way to be happy in the future, with or without Killian. “The Mistress Runs Away” lets readers see how she changes as she does this.

When And Where to Read The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 43?

Chapter 43 of The Mistress Runs Away will come out on Saturday, June 17, 2023. Ridibooks has the Korean version of Chapter 43 of The Mistress Runs Away.

The English version of this chapter, however, won’t be on Tappytoon until three days after it comes out in print. If you want to read the comics in proper English, you may have to wait a few days. Check out Payback and Lost in the Cloud if you want to read something similar.

The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 42 Recap!

“The Mistress Runs Away,” the storyline of Chapter 42, keeps readers interested from the beginning to the end with twists and secrets. At the beginning of the chapter, Veronica, who is known for being rude, shocks everyone by asking Filone for forgiveness during a tea party. This unexpected turn of events gets the readers’ attention right away.

The Mistress Runs Away Chapter 43

Filone is smart, so he thinks that Veronica’s regret might not be sincere.
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Instead of just taking it, she says in a nice way that there’s no need to apologize. After Filone stopped Veronica’s first plan, he can talk to Rachel in secret.

During their conversation, Rachel thanks Filone for being open and accepting. This shows how close they are as friends. When Rachel asks about Duke’s whereabouts, Filone finds out that she doesn’t know where he is. Filone finds out that the upcoming queen-selection event will take place at a party at night during a long, tiring trip while he is on the road.

The fact that a maid is doing Filone’s hair at this point shows how important the maid is to the story. Since Veronica wasn’t in the city when the Queen was chosen, Filone is curious about her quick change in behavior. Filone is even more interested by Veronica’s desire to be Queen.
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When the maid is done fixing Filone’s hair and goes, readers can find out what she is thinking as she thinks about the situation. When Killian shows up out of the blue, Filone says she is worried. Killian and Filone talk about what to do with the foxes that Filone caught while shooting. Filone’s dreams for a unique gift are dashed when Killian says that foxes no longer live in the woods.

“The Mistress Runs Away” stands out from other works because of how it tells its story and how well-developed its characters are. This unexpected turn of events makes the story even more exciting. The skill of the author to keep the characters talking makes for an engaging reading experience. As the story goes on, the reader is taken on an exciting journey full of tricks and surprises.

The comic is even more interesting because the characters are so determined and smart. As soon as a reader turns a page, they’re hooked. Because their good qualities are shown in a good light, readers want to know the secret facts.

Overall, “The Mistress Runs Away” Chapter 42 is a success because it keeps readers interested and makes them want to read more. The next part of this amazing book will be eagerly awaited by fans because of its complicated plot, well-developed characters, and skillful writing.


In conclusion, “The Mistress Runs Away” Chapter 43 delves deeper into Rowena and Duke Killian’s complicated relationship as they navigate the challenges that threaten to tear them apart. Rowena’s journey of self-discovery and her pursuit of happiness, regardless of her future with Killian, captivates readers and explores themes of faith, self-worth, and love. With Chapter 43 set to release on June 17, 2023, fans eagerly anticipate the next installment to uncover the twists and secrets that will shape Rowena’s fate. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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