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Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 Release Date: All You Need to Know About the Upcoming Chapter!


Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 Release Date: Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 will be out soon. When Emilia broke off her engagement, she was very sad. She didn’t want to say it, though. Hadius, on the other hand, decided that he would get Emilia no matter what.

So, people are looking forward to Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 to see how the ball and Hadius’s graduation go. Grandfather told Hadius that being nice and getting on someone’s good side were two ways to get them to like you.

The other way was to use money and power to make sure that the other person couldn’t say no. Grandfather asked Hadius which one he would choose, but Hadius wasn’t sure.

Grandfather told him to go with the second choice because he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the position of Myer, the son of the house. Grandfather told Hadius that money and power were the best choices, but they were also the hardest and riskiest.

He told him that because people wanted different things, the kind of things he did for them might not matter to them. Sometimes, what he can’t give them is exactly what they need. Read on to find out when Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 will be available and where you can read it raw online.

Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 Release Date And Where to Read?

Chapter 34 of Love Doesn’t Matter will come out on Friday, June 23, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. KST. The English translation of Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 will be on Tappytoon. Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 raw can be found on Kakao Page.

Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 33 Recap!

Hadius’ grandfather told him that being kind was pointless and a waste of time. Grandfather told him about Hadius’s father and how he and Hadius’s mother climbed the ladder to the top and now owned a lot of things.

But Hadius’s father gave all of that up to be with worthless women, even if it meant killing his family. Grandfather said that if Hadius’s mother hadn’t worked hard to keep the family together, they all would have split up a long time ago.

Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 Release Date

Grandfather told Hadius that he should never be nice to someone just because, and that if he ever wanted something, he should always put his feelings aside. And if he wanted to be a real Myer, he had to make other people feel bad.

Because that was the only way to keep from being betrayed, and that would keep him from becoming weak and a loser. Grandfather hoped that Hadius wouldn’t fail like his father, and since Hadius and his grandfather were never close, he didn’t know why he remembered it.

But then he looked at the ring in his hand and remembered what Emilia had said. She had said that she thought Lord Nathan was nice and that it wasn’t a mistake that she gave him to Lord Nathan to take care of because it had nothing to do with Hadius.

Hadius didn’t care what Emilia said to him because he would never act out because of how he felt. He didn’t want Emilia to care about him in any way because he wasn’t interested in her life. So he thought it was clear that Emilia would hate and dislike him, but he didn’t want her to trust him. If you like this manga you should also try How to Prey on the Master and How To Fight.


In conclusion, readers are eagerly awaiting the release of Chapter 34 of “Love Doesn’t Matter.” In the previous chapter, Emilia ended her engagement and experienced deep sadness, though she didn’t vocalize it. Meanwhile, Hadius was determined to win over Emilia at all costs. The release date for Love Doesn’t Matter Chapter 34 is set for Friday, June 23, 2023, at 2:00 p.m. KST. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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