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SWAT Season 6 Netflix Release Date: We’ve All Been Waiting for Is Here!


SWAT Season 6 Netflix Release Date: Season 6 of SWAT ended on May 19, 2023, but all 22 episodes have not yet been released on Netflix. The first five seasons of the CBS crime show were added to the streaming service on May 17, 2023, just a few days before the end of season 6.

SWAT is now on Netflix’s list of the Top 10 TV Shows in the United States. This is because the show has gained new fans and old fans have watched their favorite scenes again.

A few weeks before the end of season 6, CBS dropped SWAT for a short time. But only a few days later, the network changed its mind after fans gathered around the show and pushed for it to keep going, whether on CBS or on another network or streaming service.

CBS renewed SWAT for a seventh and final season of 13 episodes. Fans will have to wait for season 6 to be added to Netflix’s streaming library while they wait for the new season.

SWAT Season 6 Netflix Release Date!

SWAT season 6 hasn’t been added to Netflix yet, because the company hasn’t said when it will. But Shawn Ryan, who is in charge of the CBS show, said that all 22 episodes would be on Netflix in the fall of 2023.

Swat Season 6 Netflix Release Date

Ryan says that Netflix won’t put out all 22 shows of season 6 until at least September 2023. That won’t happen for a few months, though. But you can now view the first five seasons of SWAT on Netflix, and you can watch season 6 on other streaming sites.

Where to Watch Season 6 of SWAT Right Now!

Fans can watch all 22 episodes of season 6 of SWAT in many other ways while they wait for Netflix to add it. The most recent season can be streamed on Hulu+ Live TV, Paramount+, FuboTV, The Roku Channel, and YouTube TV.

You can also buy the shows on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV, and Google Play. If not, fans won’t be able to watch season 6 of SWAT on Netflix until the fall.

SWAT Season 6 Storyline!

The plot of SWAT Season 6 follows the adventures of the LAPD SWAT team as they deal with crimes and other problems in Los Angeles and around the world. The first two episodes of the season take place in Bangkok, Thailand, where Hondo and his team run into a drug operation with ties to Los Angeles.

Swat Season 6 Netflix Release Date

The season also looks at Hondo’s personal life, like how he and Nichelle are going to have a baby, how he is getting along with an old flame, and how he is friends with a DEA agent. In the season’s end, they face off against a cruel gang boss who wants to get even with those who killed his son.

SWAT Season 6 Cast!

Actor Character Role
Shemar Moore Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson SWAT sergeant and team leader
Alex Russell Jim Street SWAT officer and Hondo’s protégé
Kenny Johnson Dominique Luca SWAT officer and driver
David Lim Victor Tan SWAT officer and former gang member
Patrick St. Esprit Robert Hicks SWAT commander and Hondo’s boss
Rochelle Aytes Nichelle Carmichael Hondo’s girlfriend and mother of his child
Jay Harrington David “Deacon” Kay SWAT sergeant and second-in-command
Lou Ferrigno Jr. Donovan Rocker SWAT sergeant and new member of the team
Anna Enger Ritch Zoe Powell SWAT officer and Street’s partner
Brigitte Kali Canales Alexis Cabrera SWAT officer and Tan’s girlfriend


In conclusion, SWAT Season 6 has not yet been released on Netflix, but it can be enjoyed on other streaming platforms such as Hulu+, Paramount+, and YouTube TV. The show remains highly popular, earning a spot in Netflix’s Top 10 TV Shows in the United States. Fans can expect Season 6 to arrive on Netflix in the fall of 2023, with all 22 episodes becoming available. Until then, viewers can indulge in the first five seasons on Netflix while eagerly awaiting the new season’s release. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more future updates.

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