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What Happened To Ranked In Fortnite? Get Every Details Here!


The Fortnite Ranked version was just launched a few days back but it has been temporarily disabled and fans are getting agitated and curious to find out what went wrong. Here are all the juicy details about what went wrong with Fortnite Ranked and why it has been temporarily disabled as well as a possible return date.

Fortnite Ranked

Fortnite is an online video game that was first released in 2017. The online game was developed by Epic Games and it offers players three various versions which are all built on the same gameplay and engine.

The first version of the online game Battle Royale is a popular free-to-play game that offers up to 100 players competing against themselves utilizing their skills and strategies to stay up the leader board as well as the last man standing.

The intense battle is fought on a shrinking map that creates a top-notch experience for players. Fortnite’s second version “Save the World” features a collaboration among players. The mode features about four players who join forces to battle against hordes of zombie-like creatures referred to as husks.

The players must work hand in hand to defend objects as they bug and complete various tasks and objectives. The second version’s features combine elements features exploration, tower defense, and as well as survival.

Fortnite is known to create creative players and unique opportunities to showcase their creativity. It allows players to build and design their worlds and battlefields. The Fortnite diverse range of game modes ensures that players of different categories enjoy their game mode.

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What Happened To Fortnite Ranked?

What happened to rank in Fortnite

Fortnite Ranked Season Zero Battle Royale and Zero Build modes have both been disabled. The Fortnite rank was launched a few days back however the two versions have been temporarily down. This is not the only problem faced by the game as the ranked version was initially scheduled for May with update 24.40.

However, the lunch of Fortnite Ranked Season Zero elimination of Trios came with the ranked reset in update 25.10. The patch of the game was also released on the scheduled date but the Fortnite Twitter account confirmed that it ran into issues shortly after the downtime had ended and update 25.10 was deployed.

The tweet also revealed that an update would be given out but the situation got worst with another tweet acknowledging that players could not log in. Epic Games has also confirmed that an update would be given once they have more information to pass out.

Players of the Fortnite subreddit have also shown their dissatisfaction and frustration as well as reporting issues with the logging-in process which seems to affect PC, Xbox, and PS5 players as well.

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When Is Ranked Coming Back To Fortnite?

As this is the first update coming from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, the implementation of the changes in both the Battle Royale and Save The World modes may be slightly different and would require a significant amount of time to be restored.

If the update begins at 4 am Eastern Time it is expected that the servers will be back online by 7 am Eastern Time. Buy it is also important to note that unforeseen technical issues can cause delays.

Epic Games has also shown competence in handling major updates in the past and hopefully, the removal of Daily Login Rewards will not cause a negative response from players.

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