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The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Release Date, Spoilers And Where to Read?


The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Release Date:The half-elf who showed up in the last chapter will be the subject of Chapter 137. Rown and his fairy friend will be thrown into the riddle of the forest, which will be directly related to the problem with their partner.

Rowa took on the job of getting rid of a curse on someone, but nothing he did worked. Rowa is strong, so he shouldn’t have had any trouble fixing it, but now his problems aren’t the easy ones they used to be. From the story’s idea, it was clear that the problems he would face would be hard ones. This isn’t the first time he’s had problems like this.

Since the beginning of the series, Davy has been strong. This is because he has been blessed by the gods. But after he came back to the world, they could no longer guard and guide him. He didn’t need their advice anymore, though. He was sure of his skills and had people with him who helped him find the way.

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Release Date and Time!

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 will release On July 21, 2023, the following places will get Chapter 137.

Time Zone Time Date
Eastern Daylight Time [East Coast] 10:00 AM EDT July 21, 2023
Indian Standard Time [India] 8:30 PM IST July 21, 2023
Australian Eastern Daylight Time 02:00 AM AEDT July 22, 2023
Central Daylight Time 9:00 AM CDT July 21, 2023
Singapore Standard Time 11:00 PM SGT July 21, 2023
Greenwich Mediterranean Time 5:00 PM BST July 21, 2023
Pacific Daylight Time [West Coast] 7:00 AM PDT July 21, 2023
Korean Standard Time Midnight KST July 22, 2023
Japanese Standard Time Midnight JST July 22, 2023
Philippines Standard Time 11:00 PM PST July 21, 2023

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Spoilers and Expectations!

Rowa will find out about the Elf who was the least suspicious of him in Chapter 137. He had tried to get along with them, but they would run away whenever he came close. When the kids ran away when he gave them candy, it broke his heart a little. They ran away because that’s why they were looking at him and his friends.

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Release Date

He was also a little happy because he knew the kids’ parents had taught them well not to take things from strangers. But the half-elf was different. Because they had a good sense of smell, they could trust him. But the elf seems to know some things that other people might not, and that could be the mystery behind why the Elven forest has lost its magic.

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 136 Recap!

In chapter 136, MC and his friend are taking a walk through the elf forest. Rowa was only there for one job, which was to help a character get rid of a curse. Even though he was in the right place for this kind of thing, his luck was running out.

All of his banish and healing magic on the person didn’t work and couldn’t help the spirit feel better. This shouldn’t have happened, but he couldn’t do anything to stop it, which surprised him. He was in the elf forest, which is the best place to do this kind of thing, but none of the magic to help him worked.

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Release Date

He called out to an elf who was close. The elf seemed interested in what he was doing. He did some research and found out that something was wrong in the elf forest and that the top elves had left. Since the elves were still wary of him, he chose to check on it later.

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The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Raw Scans!

As of now, raw scans are not available for The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137. Fans and readers eagerly await the release of raw scans to catch a glimpse of the upcoming chapter, but currently, there is no access to these scans.

The absence of raw scans adds to the anticipation and curiosity surrounding the chapter, heightening the excitement for its official release. Fans will have to wait patiently to witness the latest developments in the story and discover the next thrilling chapter of The Max Level Hero has Returned!

The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137 Spoilers!

The hero with the highest level is back! You will be able to read Chapter 137 on Kakao.


In The Max Level Hero has Returned! Chapter 137, readers can anticipate the return of Rowa, the hero with the highest level. This chapter will delve into a forest riddle involving a half-elf that is connected to their partner’s problem. The chapter is set for release on July 21, 2023, with the mysterious half-elf and the loss of magic in the Elven forest taking center stage. The story continues to captivate fans as they eagerly follow Rowa’s journey. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more manga updates.

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