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Leveling Systems and Intense Action: Check These 10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling!


10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling: Solo Leveling is one of the most well-known and addicting webcomics. It tells the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a weak hunter who survives a dangerous cave and gets a new way to level up.
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He then becomes the strongest hunter in the world, meeting many monsters, enemies, and obstacles.

Solo Leveling has everything a fan of manhwa could want: beautiful art, exciting action, big fights, and a main character who is a badass. But what if you’ve already read Solo Leveling and want to read more? Don’t worry, we’ll take care of it. Here are 10 manhwa that are like Solo Leveling in terms of type, theme, story, or style. These manhwa will surely fill your hunger for more leveling system manhwa.

10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling!

1. The Second Coming of Gluttony

In the manhwa The Second Coming of Gluttony, Seol Jihu is a gambler who throws his life away. When he gets an offer to a strange place called Paradise, where he can start over, he gets a second chance. But Paradise isn’t quite as nice as it sounds.

It is a harsh place where only the strong can stay alive. Seol Jihu must use his nine eyes, which give him the ability to see both the past and the future, to get past the risks and enemies he meets. He also has to work with other people who have been called to Paradise to fight the Seven Armies of Evil, which want to destroy the place.

2. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor

The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor is a manhwa about Lee Hyun, a young man who is poor and in debt and sells his character in Royal Road, a virtual reality MMORPG, for a lot of money.

10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

He then makes a new character in the same game, trying to make more money to support his family.
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He decides to play as an artist, which is the smallest and least useful class in the game. But he soon finds out that his class has secrets and hidden abilities that can make him the best player in Royal Road.

3. Second Life Ranker

The Manhwa Second Life Ranker is about Yeon-woo, a former fighter in the special forces who lost his twin brother five years ago. He finds his brother’s diary, which tells him that his brother was involved in a strange tower where people who climb it get their dreams.

Yeon-woo chooses to go into the tower himself, using his brother’s diary as a guide. He makes a promise to get back at the people who killed his brother and climb to the top of the tower.

Both Second Life Ranker and Solo Leveling have main characters who want to get even and hide who they really are. Both manhwa have a leveling system, skills, items, dungeons, trials, groups, and foes. The mystery, tension, action, and drama in Second Life Ranker are also well-known.

4. Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon

The manhwa Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon is about an unknown skeleton soldier who works in a dungeon for an evil boss. He has lived for hundreds of years with no goal or purpose. However, everything changes when he meets an elf girl who he tries to protect from danger.
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He doesn’t do it, so he and she both die. But instead of staying dead, he goes back in time before he met her. He figures out that he now has a skill that lets him go back in time every time he dies. He chooses to use this power to protect the elf girl and change his fate.

5. The Gamer

The Gamer is a manhwa about a high school student named Han Jee-Han who loves to play video games. He finds out one day that he has a power that makes his whole life a game. He can see his game-like numbers, skills, tasks, inventory, and other things. He also finds out that he is not the only one with this power and that he has to deal with a secret world of magical people and groups.

10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

The main character in both The Gamer and Solo Leveling has a power that makes their life into a game. Both manhwa have a leveling system, skills, things, tasks, dungeons, monsters, friends, and foes. The Gamer is also known for its comedy, slice-of-life stories, action, and fiction.

6. Overgeared

In the manhwa Overgeared, Shin Youngwoo is a loser who works as a worker and plays Satisfy, a virtual reality MMORPG. He is known as the worst player in the game because he always loses his things when he dies. But his luck changes when he finds the Blacksmith’s Hammer, a famous class item. The sand s. He also teams up with other players who see his ability and promise and want to work with him.

Overgeared is like Solo Leveling in that the main character is a loser who turns out to be a winner when he or she finds a famous item. Both manhwa have a leveling system, skills, items, tasks, dungeons, bosses, friends, and foes. Overgeared is also known for its comedy, action, adventure, and romance.

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7. Solo Max-Level Newbie

In the Manhwa Solo Max-Level Newbie, Kim Sehan is a college student who works as a game tester on the side. He has been asked to try a new MMORPG called New World that takes place in virtual reality.

He starts the game with a character at the highest level and a lot of wealth. He chooses to play the game without following the main plot or joining any guilds. But he soon finds out that the game isn’t as easy as it looks and that there are risks and secrets he has to face.

8. Leveling With the Gods

Leveling With the Gods is a manhwa that follows Lee Sung-Hoon, an everyday office worker who dies in an accident. He meets four gods who offer him the chance to come back to life in another world. He picks the God of Death’s gift, which lets him take the souls of his enemies and use their skills. He then goes into a world where he has to get through trials and tests to level up and get stronger.

10 Manhwa Like Solo Leveling

Leveling With the Gods is like Solo Leveling in that the main characters are reborn in another world with a power that helps them level up and get stronger. Both manhwa also have a leveling system, skills, tools, trials, monsters, friends, and foes. The dark fantasy plot, action, excitement, and drama of Leveling With the Gods are also well-known.

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9. I Am the Sorcerer King

In the manhwa I Am the Sorcerer King, Lee Sunghoon is a hunter who faces monsters that come to Earth through dimensional gates. Until he remembers his past life as the Sorcerer King Kratos, he is one of the best hunters on his team.

Then, he uses what he knows and the skills he has learned to become one of the strongest hunters in the world. He also has to deal with threats and plots from other hunters, groups, and realms.

10. The Tutorial Tower Is Too Tough

The Tutorial Tower Is Too Tough is a manhwa about a gamer named Lee Ho-Jae who, along with other players from all over the world, gets stuck in an endless instruction tower. There are 100 floors in the tower, and each one has a different amount of challenge and reward.

Lee Ho-Jae picks the hardest level, “Hell,” which gives him the most benefits but also puts him in the most danger and gives him the most trouble. For him to clear each floor and get out of the tower, he has to get past different enemies and hurdles.


In conclusion, if you’re a fan of Solo Leveling and craving more manhwa with similar elements of action, leveling systems, and captivating storylines, these 10 recommendations are sure to satisfy your appetite. From The Second Coming of Gluttony’s harsh survival challenges to The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor’s virtual reality MMORPG adventures, each manhwa offers its own unique take on powerful protagonists overcoming obstacles and growing stronger. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Anime updates.

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