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Maxxine Dupri Husband Is The Famous WWE Wrestler Married? Find Out Here


Maxxine Dupri is a WWE SmackDown superstar who has been in the headlines for some time now. Fans of the wrestler have been speculating about the relationship status of the diva and many false reports have been made. This article is all you need to get to know Maxxine Dubri and her current relationship status.

Maxxine Dubri Career

maxxine dupri husband

Maxxine Dubri is a WWE star who manages male fashionable models known as Maximum Male Models. Maxxine Dubri made her wrestling debut in July 2022 as the sister of LA Knight formerly known as Max Dubri. Max Dupri took his role as the Director of Talent for Maximum Male Models.

Maximum Male Models was made up of Man. Soor and Ma.Ce which are two well-known international models who bring glamour and fashion style to WWE. Before her WWE debut, Maxxine Dubri had a cheerleading and fashion design and owns her clothing line known as Jaunty.

maxxine dupri husband

Many WWE superstars are known to keep their private lives away from the public but Maxxine Dubri has been open about her private life and she has been sharing updates from time to time with her fans.

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Maxxine Dupri Husband

maxxine dupri husband

Machine Dupri is currently not married however she is currently in a romantic relationship with Anthony Luke. There is also no official statement or verified reports that hint that Maxxine Dupri is married. She has been active on social media platforms and she has not shared any details about being married.

However, Maxxine Dupri is currently in a relationship with Antony Luke. Antony Luke often posts pictures of himself wearing Maxxine’s Jaunty brand clothes on his social media platforms. He has also shown great support to Maxxine Dubri.

It is still unclear when the pair began dating but they have shown tremendous support to each other’s careers and they have often shared pictures of themselves.

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Maxxine Dupri’s Net Worth

maxxine dupri husband

Maxxine Dupri has an estimated net worth of about $3.5 million. Her huge income is a result of her astonishing wrestling career as well as her other business ventures. Before her wrestling exploits she was a dancer and cheerleader for the Los Angeles Rams and the Phoenix Suns.

She is also a well-established entrepreneur and her fashion brand Jaunty has been running since January 2019. Maxxine Dubri continues to be an inspiration for young aspiring wrestlers around the world and she continues to be a force to reckon with in the professional wrestling world.

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