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Is William Shatner Gay? Examining Shatner’s Love Life and Sexual Orientation!


Is William Shatner Gay? William Shatner is one of the most well-known and important stars in science fiction and TV history. He has been the main character in a number of movies and TV shows, including The Twilight Zone, T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal, and, of course, Star Trek.

He has also written several books, including an autobiography called “Up Till Now” and a set of stories called “TekWar.” He has also made several records with his unique way of singing through spoken words.

But what about his life outside of work? Is William Shatner Gay? How many dates or wives does he have? What does he think about being gay or straight?

In this post, we’ll look at William Shatner’s date past, from his first wife Gloria Rand to his most recent ex-wife Elizabeth Martin. We will also talk about some of the stories and arguments about his sexuality that have been going on over the years.

William Shatner Quick Info!

Name William Shatner
Date of birth March 22, 1931
Place of birth Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Occupation Actor, singer, author, producer, director
Sexual orientation Straight
Marital status Divorced
Number of marriages 4
Number of children 3

Who is William Shatner?

On March 22, 1931, William Shatner was born in Montreal, Canada. He was born to Joseph Shatner, who made clothes, and Anne Garmaise, who was a teacher. Joy and Farla are his sisters. He was raised in a Jewish home and got a degree in business from McGill University in 1952.

Is William Shatner Gay

At a young age, Shatner became interested in playing and joined the Montreal Children’s Theatre. He also sang on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio shows.

After he finished college, he worked as an assistant manager at a theater company in Montreal. He then went to Toronto to join the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. In 1956, Tamburlaine the Great was the first show he did on Broadway.

Is William Shatner Gay?

William Shatner is known all over the world as “Kirk” from Star Trek. Some people tried really hard to make it seem like his character is gay or bisexual. But the figure in the story is gay.

Even though Shatner has never directly talked about his sexuality with the public, his Twitter account has a number of posts that show he is straight. He doesn’t like it when people bother him by calling him gay.

He wrote about what one of the fans said about making Kirk queer or gay. The Canadian actor said that making a new gay Kirk character is fine with him as long as no one bothers him.

William Shatner said, “Someone got to the party late. I’ve already said that I don’t mind if Kurtzman wants to make Kirk asexual, gay, etc.

I also don’t mind if you think that my Kirk was any of those. Just don’t bother me, because that would be bad. Got it?” So it’s clear that he didn’t like it when people teased him about being gay.

This also means that William Shatner is not gay. Also, he married four women in his life, which is impossible for a gay person.

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Who is William Shatner’s Wife?

William has been married not once, not twice, but four times in his life. He was sad that he broke up with all of his wives. Gloria Rand was his first wife. In 1956, they got married.

They were married for 13 years, until 1969, when they split up. They don’t have any kids together. Melanie Shatner, Lisabeth Shatner, and Leslie Carol Shatner are their three children.

In 1973, after three years, he married Marcy Lafferty again. They were married for 23 years, which is a long time. They got a split in 1996 and don’t have any children together.

Is William Shatner Gay

The ‘Star Trek‘ star got married to Nerine Kidd the year after his second divorce. But they were only married for a short time. In 1999, after two years, they broke up.

Elizabeth Shatner was the last person the ‘Boston Legal star was with. They got married in 2001, and their marriage lasted 19 years. When the world was fighting against COVID-19 in the year 2020, the pair broke up.


In conclusion, William Shatner is a renowned actor, singer, author, and director, best known for his iconic role as “Kirk” in Star Trek. While there have been rumors and speculations about his sexuality, Shatner has made it clear on his Twitter account that he is straight and does not appreciate being teased about his sexual orientation. He has been married four times in his life, and his marriages have been a mix of successes and splits. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more LGBTQ-related News and Updates.

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