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Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date, Spoilers, And Where To Read?


Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date: The next chapter of Infinite Mage will be out soon. In the previous chapter, Shirone used his ability to figure out how to put things in order to figure out his secret magic ability.

In Infinite Mage Chapter 44, people can’t wait to see how Shirone’s teachers and students will react when they see how good he is. At the 32nd practical training area, class five was having a practical lesson when Professor Ethella showed up. The students were surprised to see her.

The teachers told the student that Professor Ethella had just come back from training because she was the well-known bishop of the Carsis order and needed to do so. When Shirone asked his teachers if Professor Ethella was a priest, he got a lot of strange answers.

Nobody in the class knew that they were being taught by such a great person. The teacher asked the class if they were getting ready for their speed gun test. Find out when Infinite Mage Chapter 44 will be out and where you can read it raw online by reading on.

Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date and Time!

Chapter 44 of Infinite Mage will come out on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST. The plan for Infinite Mage Chapter 44 around the world is as follows:

Country Time Zone Date Time
US EST Tuesday, August 1 09:00 AM
Canada Newfoundland Time (NT) Tuesday, August 1 09:00 AM
India IST Tuesday, August 1 06:30 PM
Australia AEST Tuesday, August 1 11:00 PM
Philippines PHT Tuesday, August 1 09:00 PM
Japan JST Tuesday, August 1 10:00 PM
South Korea KST Tuesday, August 1 10:00 PM

Infinite Mage Chapter 43 Spoilers!

Fans of “Infinite Mage” can’t wait for Chapter 43 to come out, but no details have come out yet. The last chapter left readers on the edge of their seats when Shirone found out about his secret magic power and Professor Ethella showed up out of the blue.

Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date

Even though there are a lot of rumors about what will happen and how the characters will react, the writers have managed to keep the spoilers a secret, which makes the show even more exciting. As readers wait for the book to come out, the secrets of Kotodama magic and the students’ real-life lessons will keep them interested in how the story develops.

Infinite Mage Chapter 43 Recap!

She told everyone that each class would have its own hands-on lesson until the test. She told the kids that they would learn a way to make themselves more powerful.

She even brought in a senior from the class that was about to graduate to show. Sanuel went there to show off his magic with Kotodama. Ethella told the kids about Kotodama magic, which was Sanuel’s special kind of magic and had a lot to do with their lesson.

She told everyone to pay attention and pay close attention. Sanuel told the kids that Kotodama magic was made stronger by the power of words.

He started by showing them the common twister magic, which Shirone found out was taught to him by the teacher when he was young. He told the kids to remember how strong the magic spell was as he used Kotodama to make the magic stronger.

The spell took so long to repeat that the kids fell asleep in the middle. Sanuel told them that the spell couldn’t be used in fight because it was too long.

After Saneul did his magic trick, he tried to show the kids how to go faster than sound. When Shirone saw how powerful he was, he was shocked. He thought that was the level of the finishing class.

A mage who finishes school is unofficially a tenth-class mage. Since Professor Ethella is an official sixth-class mage, he can’t imagine how powerful she is.

The kids asked Professor Ethella if they had to do Kotodama magic. She told them that they didn’t have to do it because it was a specific subject.

So, she told the kids that they needed to learn a method called “sequencing.” Sequencing was a method they used to make themselves more powerful. They did this by counting numbers, which helped them focus.

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Infinite Mage Chapter 43 Raw Scans!

As the release date for Infinite Mage Chapter 43 gets closer, manga fans can’t wait for raw scans to be made available. But as of right now, the raw scans for the next part haven’t been shared or made public.

Infinite Mage Chapter 44 Release Date

Fans are told to stay away from unofficial sources and be patient until the official release so they can fully enjoy the beautiful art and interesting story.

Where to Read Chapter 44 of Infinite Mage?

There will be an English translation of Infinite Mage Chapter 44 on Tapas. Raw Chapter 44 of Infinite Mage can be found on KakaoPage.


In conclusion, the eagerly awaited Chapter 44 of “Infinite Mage” is set to release on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 10:00 PM KST. After Shirone’s discovery of his secret magic ability in the previous chapter, readers are excited to see how his teachers and fellow students will react to his newfound skill. Professor Ethella’s appearance and her lessons on Kotodama magic add an element of intrigue and surprise to the story. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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