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When Is Expedition X Season 6 Release Date? Find Out Where To Watch Here


Expedition X Season 6 is one of the most popular television series since its debut in 2020. The series has kept viewers filed to their screen as their twist and plot as well as storyline seem never to end.

Season 6 of the famous television show is about to air and fans are excited and happy about the upcoming season. They are also curious and eager to find out the release date and time of the series. This article covers all you need to know about Expedition X Season 6 release date and time.

Expedition X What To Expect?

expedition x season 6 release date

Josh Gates is seen exploring famous mysteries throughout the world. After he had spoken with several important eyewitnesses and learned about the current developments in the Case he is seen launching a different investigation.

E also gets closer to the solution of several unsolved worldwide mysteries like the appearance of Amelia Earhart’s airplane. Thanks to this real life, rough and tumble adventurous trips.

Expedition X Parental Guidance

expedition x season 6 release date

The Expedition X has received a TV-PG rating which indicates the type of content most parents will deem inappropriate for their kids and younger kids. The show will also contain all sorts of content that is the ninth percent of what parents will consider not watching alongside their children.

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What To Expect From Expedition X Season 6

expedition x season 6 release date

The new season is expected to see scientist Phil Torres and paranormal investigator Jessica Chobat continue their exploration of the widest legends and mistakes alongside their presenter Josh Gates. Josh assigns while Phil is a skeptical skeptic and Jessica is known to be a firm believer.

They are assigned to work with professionals and eyewitnesses using everything gotten from Data Acquisition recording devices that can spot UFOs in the nighttime. It can also detect sounds that are beneath the normal human hearing range.

The explorers are using their combined teamwork to shed new light on cases that have proven to be mysterious and have alarmed the people in that region. Phil and Jessica look beyond for the truth while exploring a harsh wilderness as they learn the truth behind terrifying stories.

expedition x season 6 release date

They also uncover the truth behind hints of flying beasts in the dime light of the Southern town of Iowa. They were also sent to Bangkok in a case to find the cult that issues ominous prophecies or upcoming natural or global calamities.

As they were gaining entry into the inner cult’s inner circle to look for answers the story escalates. The crew is also allowed to explore a former civil war warehouse that is believed to be hunted. Adam Berry and Amy Bruni are recruited onto the team to continue with the investigation.

Phil and Jessica often take risks while using there every tool at their disposal to try and solve some of history’s most puzzling puzzles

Expedition X Season 6 Release Date

expedition x season 6 release date

Expedition X Season 6 was released on Wednesday, August 2, 2023, after a long time of waiting for fans. The new season is set to sit on Discord at 9: PM in the United States of America. Sam’s from across the world will also be able to stream Expedition X Season 6 from different platforms across the globe.

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Where To Watch Expedition X Season 6

expedition x season 6 release date

Fans of Expedition X Season 6 can be able to stream and download via Discord Go and Max. The television show is set to cost about a single dollar per month.

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