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Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where To Read


Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date: After finding out about Asta’s new anti-magic ability, many fans of the series are calling him the Anti-Magic God because it is so powerful. This is why fans are so excited to see what happens in Black Clover Chapter 368.

At the same time, a lot of people are very upset about this huge power-up and the fact that the enemy and the Black Bulls just finished a big fight. Fans are very angry in all of the subreddits, and other fans are angry at the angry fans.

Two chapters ago, there was an amazing moment when Crying Secre desperately called out to Asta, and he showed up just in time to save the Black Bulls from being completely wiped out. Asta did what the main character did in the last chapter. He used Zetten and the Demon Slasher sword together to destroy Damnation in one shot.

Even though Asta’s blow cut all the way through Damnatio’s body, which would normally be a fatal wound, he is still alive. Asta may have just freed Damnatio from Lucius’s power, just like he did with Sister Lily, and that is what happened here.

Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date and Time!

On August 20, 2023, fans will be able to read the next Black Clover chapter, 368.

Time Zone Date Time
Japanese Standard Time Sunday, August 20 10:00 PM
Indian Standard Time Sunday, August 20 06:30 PM
Central European Time Sunday, August 20 02:00 PM
New York Sunday, August 20 09:00 AM
Australian Capital Territory Sunday, August 20 10:00 PM
Eastern Indonesian Time Sunday, August 20 07:00 PM
Singapore Standard Time Sunday, August 20 08:00 PM
Pacific Time Sunday, August 20 06:00 AM
Eastern European Time Sunday, August 20 02:00 PM
Philippines Standard Time Sunday, August 20 09:00 PM
Korean Standard Time Sunday, August 20 10:00 PM

Black Clover Chapter 368 Spoilers!

Fans can’t wait for Black Clover Chapter 368 to come out so they can find out what happens to Asta and his friends. But as of right now, no clear hints about what will happen in the next part have been made public.

Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date

After the strange turn of events in the last few chapters, fans are on the edge of their seats, eager to find out what will happen to the Clover Kingdom and its favorite characters. Since there are no secrets, fans must be patient and not spread untrue information until the chapter is officially released.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Recap!

Later in the chapter, the storyteller tells us that a single stroke from Asta’s sword breaks the spell that Lucius put on Damnatio.

When he thinks about his past with Asta and the Black Bulls, Damnatio can’t believe that it was the Black Bulls who saved him from Lucius’s control, but he did seem to be freed. Asta tells Damnatio to go to sleep and swears, just like he did with Sister Lily, that he will wake him up.

Asta runs toward the bodies of the witches and the other Black Bulls members who have been hurt. Sacre and others were standing over everyone, and Sacre is still putting bandages on all of their cuts while Finral takes care of them.
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This is when the Witch Queen used her Blood Magic to wrap all of the hurt witches and Black Bulls in a blood cocoon. She had used this magic before to heal Asta. Its name is Curse Breaking Blood Cacoon. This time, though, she was trying to heal everyone at the same time, so she used it on a much larger scale.

Even though she has almost used up all of her magic power, the Witch Queen saves everyone, including Grey and Gauche, who are very close to dying.

The Witch Queen also says that Sacre is the reason they are still alive.
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She was the one who kept everyone alive by closing their wounds, which made it possible for the Witch Queen to fix them.

But the Witch Queen’s choice to use almost all of her power to cast this spell was for a good reason, and she asks Venessa to become the next Witch Queen because she is no longer able to do so.

When we look at the Witch Queen’s face, it’s clear that she has aged a lot in a very short amount of time.

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Black Clover Chapter 368 Raw Scans!

Fans are really excited about Black Clover Chapter 368, and they can’t wait for raw scans of the next chapter to come out.
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Sources that can be trusted haven’t shared the raw scans yet, so fans are excited to see the captivating artwork and plot before the book comes out. Fans must be careful and wait for the official release of the chapter to see what happens in the magical world of Black Clover. This is to protect the work of the authors and prevent fake leaks.

Black Clover Chapter 368 Release Date

Where Can I Read Black Clover 368?

You can read the next chapter of Black Clover, Chapter 368, for free on Viz Media at the times and dates we’ve given. But you have to pay for the rest of the parts that came before.


In summary, Black Clover Chapter 368 is eagerly awaited by fans, but no spoilers are available yet. Raw scans are also anticipated, but fans should wait for the official release to avoid spreading false information. The chapter is set to be released on August 20, 2023, across different time zones. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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