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Who Is Nicole Wallace Dating? Is The Famous Actress Gay? Find Out Here


Nicole Wallace is a famous actress who has shown her tallest behind the screen. Fans of the actress have been speculating about who the actress is currently dating. Here is all you need to know about the famous actress as well as who she is currently dating.

Early Life

who is nicole wallace dating

Nicole Wallace is a famous Spanish actress born and raised in Madrid. Her father is an American and can speak both Spanish and English fluently. Nicole Wallace grew up learning how to play the pain and violin.

She also took singing lessons from an early age and practiced hip-hop and modern dance for more than 8 years. She has a sister Chloe who is a director, writer, and photographer. She recently dedicated a Netflix limited series titled A Perfect Story which also featured Anna Castillo.


who is nicole wallace dating

Nicole Wallace’s career movie came in the 2008 movie Grey’s Anatomy where she played the role of Tessa Ferrer. She continued to make waves in series as she appeared in several series such as The Skull of Sam where she appeared as Vicky alongside film legend Robert Enhlund.

However, her rise to fame came in 2018 when she played the role of Nora Grace in the moviestar+series Skam Espana which is based on the Norwegian teen series Skam. The third season focused on Nicole Wallace and Viri who was played by Celia Monedero. The Cima TV award was also given to the duo for their performance in the series.

After her breakout role in Skam Espana, she has gained enormous fame and has been featured so several publications by notable brands such as Glamour and Vogue. She has also gained more success in the movie world and has starred in many television series.

who is nicole wallace dating

It was announced by Prime Video in June 2023, that Nicole Wallace would replay the role of Noah in the movies based on the final two books Your Fault and Our Fault. She also featured in the Steffy Argelich film Vera where she appeared as Vera a teenager discovering her sexuality as a young man.

She came to stay with her mother on an island retreat away from his responsibilities as a lawyer and a son. Nicole Wallace has continued to make several appearances in short films as her legacy continues to grow. She has been named in other upcoming television series like Ni una Mas.

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Who Is Nicole Wallace Dating?

who is nicole wallace dating

It is still not clear who Nicole Wallace is currently dating, however, rumors have been flying around that she is currently in a relationship with Gabriel Guevera. He is known for his role in the popular series My Fault. However, the rumors making rounds have not been addressed by Nicole or Gabriel.

Gabriel Guevera has also recently been outspoken about coming out of a toxic relationship which leaves fans speculating about his relationship with Agostina Goni. He has also talked about focusing on his career and expressed his desire to meet other people which leaves fans wondering about his relationship status with Nicole Wallace.

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Is Nicole Wallace Lesbian?

who is nicole wallace dating

No, Nicole Wallace is not a lesbian. Nicole Wallace has been linked with Gabriel Guevera and fans have been speculating about her sexual orientation some have come out to say that the actress is gay due to her involvement with her fellow co-star Guevera. However, no official statement has been made or hint given that she is gay.

Unfortunately, until Nicole Wallace decides to publicly announce her sexuality to fans it is crucial to refrain from making any assumptions concerning her relationship status. It is also important for fans to respect individual privacy and not make assumptions as well as spreading unverified information.

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