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Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap, Raw Scan, And Where to Read?


Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date: Baby Pharmacist Princess is a fantasy, isekai Korean manhwa written by Eun Ryeo Won and drawn by Mapi, which was released on June 5, 2023.

If you’ve been following the Manhwa since its initial publication, you’re probably wondering when the next chapter will be available. This page will go over the Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date, storyline, spoilers, reading guide, and anything else we know so far.

Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date and Time!

The latest chapter of Baby Pharmacist Princess is scheduled to be released on Sunday, according to the official timetable. Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 will be available on August 12, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. KST (Korean Standard Time).

Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Spoilers!

Cherise is expected to make more remarkable and amazing discoveries with her broad knowledge in the following episode. There are no actual spoilers yet, so we can only hope that things end well for Cherise. Hopefully, His Highness will be less anxious about Cherise after learning about her discoveries.

Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date

Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 12 Recap!

We saw in the last chapter that His Highness was very worried about Cherise and wanted her to be safe no matter what.

While Cherise was busy using her pharmaceutical knowledge to make new discoveries. Her most recent discovery includes uslum extract (apricots are known as uslum in this planet). Most individuals in our world see uslum as non-consumable and place no value on it. Cherise, on the other hand, maintains that it is excellent for digestion.

She begins assembling the ingredients for the medication with the assistance of her carer and kitchen employees. She begins by adding sugar, then cleanses the uslum, removes the ripe ones, and adds water. She requests assistance from the gardener in removing the seeds of uslum, an apricot, and informs them of its benefits.

After everything is finished, her carer asks how long it will take to prepare the medication, and she says 100 days. Her caregiver, concerned about His Highness, informs her that she will seek the assistance of a wizard to expedite the procedure.

The next day, with some magical assistance, the uslum medication is ready, and Cherise strains it with the help of the cooks and presents it to His Highness. But she was disappointed when she couldn’t locate him in his studies.

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Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Raw Scans!

Regrettably, raw scans for “Baby Pharmacist Princess” Chapter 13 are currently unavailable. Fans eagerly awaiting the next installment will need to exercise patience as they await the release of these anticipated pages.

Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13 Release Date

Where Can You Read Baby Pharmacist Princess Chapter 13?

Baby Pharmacist Princess is an original on Zinmanhwa. All past chapters of Baby Pharmacist Princess, as well as recently updated chapters, are accessible in Korean on the KakaoPage official website. Because there have only been 12 chapters released thus far, there is no official English translation available.


In the enchanting world of “Baby Pharmacist Princess,” fans have been captivated by Cherise’s journey. The upcoming Chapter 13, set to release on August 12, 2023, at 12:00 a.m. KST, holds promise for intriguing discoveries and interactions with His Highness. While spoilers are scarce, Cherise’s expertise and collaboration continue to shine. Despite awaiting raw scans for Chapter 13, fans can access the Korean version on Zinmanhwa’s KakaoPage. As the story unfolds, readers eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Cherise’s captivating tale. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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