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Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Release Date: This week, Chapter 146 of “Remarried Empress” will come out. “Remarried Empress” is an interesting comic that mixes romance, drama, magic, and historical settings. The story is about a queen named Navier Ellie Trovi, who was known for being smart, brave, and graceful. Alpha Tart and Herelee both wrote it.

She lives up to the ideals of her job because she is kind to her people and faithful to her husband. Navier’s perfect life comes to an end when her husband shows her to his lover and asks for a divorce.

This changes everything. As she agrees to the divorce, Navier shocks everyone by putting out a remarriage proposal to a different ruler. This lets her keep her empress position and fulfill her childhood dreams.

In “Remarried Empress,” a historical romance with fantasy elements, readers will be drawn in by Navier’s journey through heartbreak, resiliency, and the chase of a road they didn’t expect. Let’s find out when Remarried Empress chapter 146 will come out, how long it will be, and where you can read it.

Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 146 of Remarried Empress is set to come out on August 17, 2023. Let’s look at when Remarried Empress Chapter 146 will air in different parts of the world:

Time Zone Time Date
Central European Time (CEST) 05:00 PM Wednesday, August 17, 2023
Eastern European Time (EEST) 06:00 PM Wednesday, August 17, 2023
New York 11:00 AM Wednesday, August 17, 2023
Indian Standard Time (IST) 08:30 PM Wednesday, August 17, 2023
Pacific Time (PST) 08:00 AM Wednesday, August 17, 2023
Japanese standard time (JST) 12:00 AM Friday, August 18, 2023
Australian Capital Territory (ACST) 01:00 AM Friday, August 18, 2023
Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST) 12:00 AM Friday, August 18, 2023
Korean standard time (KST) 12:00 AM Friday, August 18, 2023

Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Spoilers!

As the enthralling narrative of “Remarried Empress” continues to captivate readers, the anticipation for Chapter 146 runs high. While specific details remain shrouded in mystery, the excitement among fans is palpable as they eagerly await the next installment.

Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Release Date

The intricate web of political intrigue, emotional dynamics, and character development has left us yearning for glimpses into the evolving storyline

Remarried Empress Chapter 145 Recap!

It is a fascinating comic that tells the story of the life of Navier Trovi, an important and skilled queen. Navier’s life is turned upside down when her chosen husband, Emperor Sovieshu, shows her his lover and asks for a divorce.

At this crucial moment, Navier’s carefully built world falls apart, forcing her to do something brave. As soon as she agrees to the divorce, she quickly remarries Prince Henry of the Western Kingdom.

Her whole life has been training for becoming queen. Because of her hard work, she is now one of the most respected rulers in the Eastern Empire. Sovieshu was her childhood friend and was set up to be her husband, so she never thought about taking a different road.

But when Navier’s woman shows up out of the blue, she has to rethink everything she knows. She wants to choose her own path, so she marries Prince Heinrey, which puts her in charge of a rival country. The manga goes into great depth about both foreign ties and personal relationships.

Navier’s skills and knowledge are put to the test as she takes over as king of the Western Kingdom. Navier goes through the hard worlds of high society and politics with guts and skill.

Navier faces hurdles and learns new things about love and power on this strange trip. The way the story is told shows how Navier goes from being a beautiful queen to a woman making her own way.

The comic does a good job of showing her emotional journey, from her first shock at what her husband did to her determination to get through hard times. In the manga, it’s interesting to see how Naviier’s character changes as she learns new ways to use her logical skills and imagination.

The major ideas are self-determination and freedom. In the face of tradition and group pressure, the story shows how important it is to have fun and feel good about yourself. It also talks about how hard it is to be in a relationship with someone.

The writer hopes that the main character’s journey will make readers think about the value of choice, loyalty, and going after what they really want. This book is a must-read for anyone looking for a story about growth and battle because it strikes the right balance between sad themes, exciting stories, and amazing art.

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Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Raw Scans!

Amidst the fervor and speculation surrounding “Remarried Empress,” the impending release of raw scans for Chapter 146 holds fans in suspense. The allure of uncovering the next twists and turns in the plot, coupled with the emotional highs and lows of the characters, fuels the excitement.

Remarried Empress Chapter 146 Release Date

As the unavailability of raw scans prolongs the wait, fans yearn for an early glimpse into the unfolding narrative, eager to delve into the intricate layers that the creators have woven.

Where to Read Chapter 146 of Remarried Empress?

Fans can read the raw version of Remarried Empress Chapter 146 on the Naver Series and Naver Webtoon. You can also read Remarried Empress in English on Webtoon, but there are only 141 episodes available.


As “Remarried Empress” Chapter 146 approaches, readers are captivated by the mix of romance, drama, and historical fantasy in Navier’s resilient journey. The upcoming release on August 17, 2023, holds the promise of unveiling further complexities within the enthralling narrative. The anticipation for raw scans intensifies, offering a glimpse into the unfolding events that fuel discussions within the fan community. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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