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Is Jennifer Hermoso Gay? Who Is She Currently Dating? Find Out The Truth Here!


Reports have emerged that Jennifer Hermoso is gay and fans have been surfing the internet trying to figure out the truth behind the rumors. Many online sources have also talked about the news as they have revealed that the rumors are fake which has left most of her fans more confused.

However, this article aims to cover all you need to know about Jennifer Hermoso as well as the truth behind the rumors that she is gay. Follow for more LGBTQ news as well as celebrity news and updates.

Who Is Jennifer Hermoso?

Jenni Hermoso Gay

Jennifer Hermoso is a famous Spanish professional football player known for her remarkable contributions to both her club and country. She is currently playing for the Liga MX Femenil Club CF Pachuca and she represents the Spanish Female Football Team.

She is also known to have achieved remarkable history at her time as an FC Barcelona player having broken the record of being the all-time top scorer for Barcelona as well as the all-time goal scorer for the Spain Women’s Team.

Jenni Hermoso Gay

She was also part of the Spanish team that won the 2023 Women’s World Cup co-hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Her experience and excellence in the field of play were essential for her team as they lifted the World Cup trophy over England.

Her performance for the team also helped her win the Silver ball of the competition and her dedication and track record stand as a prominent figure in the female football world. She also continues to shine and inspire aspiring young female athletes around the globe.

Early Life And Career

Jenni Hermoso Gay

Jennifer Hermoso was born on March 9, 1990, in Madrid, Spain. Details of her parents have not been disclosed as of the time of writing this article. There is also limited information regarding her family and upbringing. Despite being famous she had decided to keep her family details out of the public eye.

She also comes from a football family as her grandmother Antonio Hernandez was a football player who played for Atletico Madrid. It has also been revealed that she shares a close bond with her mother and father who often takes her to watch Atletico’s matches at the Vicente Calderon Stadium which made her fall in love with football.

Jennifer Hermoso’s career breakthrough came at the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. She was able to earn her 100th cap for the Spain female national team in their match against Zambia where she was able to score two goals.

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Is Jennifer Hermoso Gay?

Jenni Hermoso Gay

It is still not clear if Jennifer Hermoso is gay or not as she has not come out to reveal her sexual orientation. She has chosen to maintain a high level of privacy despite the controversy that has been trending lately. It is also advised that fans respect people’s matters.

Her sexual orientation is personal and individuals have the right to share or withhold such information from the public. However, Jennifer Hermoso continues to be at the center of a saga that began during the World Cup Medal presentation.

Who Is Jennifer Hermoso Dating?

Jenni Hermoso Gay

Jennifer Hermoso is currently not in any relationship at the moment and the famous football star has decided to leave it out of the public. However, there were speculations that she was in a relationship with her former teammate Alexia Putellas due to their closeness and time spent together.

The duo were also teammates at the 2023 Female World Cup which also further fueled more allegations that she is gay. However, the two are not dating as Alexia Putellas is in a relationship and she has come out to reveal that she is gay.

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Jennifer Hermoso World Cup Final Controversy

Jenni Hermoso Gay

Jennifer Hermoso found herself in the center of a controversy after she was kissed on the lips by Luis Rubiales the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. She publicly reacted to the incident where she said that she did not welcome the idea.

The incident sparked a lot of widespread condemnation including from the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. She was also supported by the Spanish Football Players Union and FIFPRO. The global players union also called for measures to be taken in order to protect players from further abuse.

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