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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Release Date: Chapter 72 of Under the Oak Tree is set to come out this weekend. “Under the Oak Tree” is a manga that does a good job of mixing romance, magic, drama, and more serious topics. In this story, INTOL, KIM Soo-ji, Namu, and Seomal all made characters with flaws. These characters circle a beautiful love story. This was shown very well by P(sicut_vis).

Maximilian’s life is turned upside down when she has to marry Sir Riftan, a woman from the manga who stutters and has problems. He went on a mission and left Maximilien behind the morning after their wedding night. Lord Riftan came back after three years to show her how much he loved and appreciated her.

As the story goes on, Maximilian starts to wonder if she deserves all the love and happiness her husband gives her. “Under the Oak Tree” is a must-read for people who want to feel and dream because of the internal struggle that, in a way, shows how beautiful the love story is despite the characters’ flaws. Let’s find out when Under the Oak Tree chapter 72 will be out, when it will be out, and where you can read it.

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Release Date And Time!

Chapter 72 of Under the Oak Tree will come out on September 9, 2023. Let’s look at the schedules for Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 in different places:

Time Zone Date and Time
Pacific Daylight Time 8:00 AM (9 September 2023)
Central Daylight Time 10:00 AM (9 September 2023)
Eastern Daylight Time 11:00 AM (9 September 2023)
Indian Standard Time 8:30 PM (9 September 2023)
Korean Standard Time Midnight (10 September 2023)
Japanese Standard Time Midnight (10 September 2023)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time 01:00 AM (10 September 2023)

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Spoilers!

As of the latest update, spoilers for “Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72” are currently unavailable. The world of manga is known for its secrecy, with publishers and creators often guarding plot details to maintain the element of surprise and anticipation for readers.

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Release Date

This deliberate effort to avoid spoilers ensures that readers can fully immerse themselves in the unfolding story without key plot points being revealed prematurely.

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 71 Recap!

In “Under the Oak Tree,” Chapter 71, Eleanora stays up all night to read while she waits for her husband, Riftan. She has been up late reading, and she is tired. She wonders if anyone else can tell. When Rodrigo, a runner, shows up with urgent news about a monster attack that hurt a lot of workers, her fears change right away.

She worries right away about Riftan’s safety and security in case he gets hurt too. The construction workers ask for more help and materials for the hurt people right away. Eleanora chooses to take action on her own because she thinks Ruth is already at the building because Riftan told her to, and she knows what Ruth did in a similar situation before.

Rodrigo gets everything ready so it can be moved quickly to the location. This includes a kettle, firewood, fabric, string, needles, herbs, and covering. Eleanora knows that she can help heal up to 10 people at a time and that there is only one other doctor in Anatol who can help.

Everyone is surprised when she makes the brave decision to leave the group. Even though the situation is dangerous and there are risks, she decides to do her job as Anatol’s liege’s wife and help people in need with her unique healing skills.

Rodrigo is surprised at first by her choice, but he comes to accept it in the end. Eleanora finds out at the building site that Ruth is making a deal in Riftan with a group of wyverns who moved there from Cabro Valley over the winter.

Eleanora is the only person in the area with magical healing skills. Twenty wyverns appeared out of nowhere in the valley, causing havoc and injuring several workers. There’s no way out of it. Even though it’s dangerous, Eleanora starts helping the hurt with the help of a local healer.

When she has too many people, Eleanora gives the most attention to those who need help right away. Eleanora helps people who are hurt as best she can, even though she doesn’t know much about healing magic or dealing with dangerous situations.

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Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Raw Scans!

Additionally, raw scans for “Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72” have not surfaced yet. Raw scans typically originate from individuals with early access to physical manga publications, and the process of scanning and sharing them can take some time.

Under the Oak Tree Chapter 72 Release Date

While fans eagerly await these raw scans, it’s important to support the official release of the manga through legal channels, as this not only respects the creators’ work but also ensures a high-quality reading experience when the chapter is officially published.

Where Can I Read Chapter 72 of Under the Oak Tree?

Under the Oak Tree, Chapter 72 will be posted on Manta for fans to read. You can also read Under the Oak Tree chapters from the beginning on the same sites.


The manga “Under the Oak Tree” continues to weave a compelling blend of romance, magic, and drama, showcasing characters with flaws and a beautiful love story. Chapter 72 is set to release on September 9, 2023, offering readers a glimpse into Maximilian and Sir Riftan’s evolving relationship. However, spoilers are currently unavailable, and raw scans have not surfaced. Fans can read the chapter officially on Manta, where the series can also be enjoyed from the beginning. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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