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Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scans, And Where to Read?


Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Release Date: One of the most well-known Japanese manga series, Oshi No Ko, debuted on April 23, 2020. This series gained so much popularity within the first few Chapters of its launch that it has now added a new Chapter.

The publication of Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 is imminent. Fans of the manga Oshi No Ko are awaiting each new chapter with anticipation from all around the world. Here is all the information you need to know about Chapter 128 of the upcoming manga chapter!

Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Release Date And Time!

On October 4, 2023, Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 will be released. The next chapter of the manga is highly anticipated by fans who are curious about what will happen next.

Time Zone Time
Japan Standard Time (JST) 00:00 JST
Central Standard Time (CST) 09:00 CST
Eastern Standard Time (EST) 10:00 EST
India Standard Time (IST) 20:30 IST
Korea Standard Time (KST) 00:00 KST
New York, USA (EDT) 11:00 EDT
Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) 01:00 AEST
Bangkok, Thailand (ICT) 22:00 ICT

Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Spoilers!

On October 1, 2023, the spoiler and raw scan for Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 are anticipated. On Reddit and 4Chan, you may view the spoiler and raw scan of the manga. Three to four days before a manga is published, the spoiler and raw scan are usually made available.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Release Date

About Oshi No Ko!

Gynecologist Gorou Amamiya is steadfastly in love with Ai Hoshino, and his covert purpose is to assist in secretly delivering Ai Hoshino’s children while keeping the entire affair hidden from the public.

Tragically, Gorou is murdered by an Ai-obsessed admirer on one of these deliveries. To everyone’s surprise, Gorou becomes Aquamarine Hoshino, Ai’s own son.

Aqua still remembers his former existence, but he is unaware that his sister Ruby Hoshino is the reincarnation of Gorou’s patient, who also happened to be an ardent supporter of Ai. After disappearing for four years, the disturbed fan reappears, taking Ai Hoshino’s life before killing themselves.

Gorou, who is now Aqua, starts to put the jigsaw together as he considers the possibility that his father and the offender may have been engaged as accomplices.

Aqua enters the entertainment business with courage, driven by a strong sense of justice, and a dedication to find the truth about these awful events.

Twelve years later, Ruby and Aqua are adjusting to high school. Their lives take a dramatic turn after being adopted by Ichigo and Miyako Saito, the owners of Ai’s business, Strawberry Productions.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Raw Scans!

As of now, fans eagerly anticipating “Oshi No Ko” Chapter 128 will have to exercise patience, as raw scans for this chapter have not yet surfaced. Raw scans typically offer an early glimpse into the upcoming chapter, providing fans with a sneak peek of the visuals and storyline.

Oshi No Ko Chapter 128 Release Date

However, the absence of these raw scans keeps the details of Chapter 128 well-guarded, adding to the suspense and anticipation surrounding its release. Fans can look forward to the official release of the chapter and the excitement of experiencing the story in its entirety once it becomes available.

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Where Can I Read Online Chapter 128 of Oshi no Ko?

Oshi no Ko Chapter 128 in English can be read for free on Manga Plus. Oshi no Ko is available to read in raw Japanese on Young Jump.


In conclusion, “Oshi No Ko” Chapter 128 is eagerly awaited by fans worldwide due to the manga’s immense popularity. The chapter is set to continue the captivating story. Chapter 128 of “Oshi No Ko” is scheduled for release on October 4, 2023, with spoilers and raw scans expected on October 1, 2023. Readers can choose to wait for the official release to avoid spoilers. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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