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How To Get An Apartment In New Atlantis in Starfield?


In the vast expanse of the Starfield galaxy, your spaceship becomes your quintessential home, accompanying you on your exploratory journeys. It’s a nomadic abode, allowing you to wander and delve into the cosmic wonders. However, for those yearning to establish more permanent roots in a specific locale, the game offers the option to create outposts and invest in real estate, ranging from houses to apartments, in larger bustling cities.

One notable urban hub is New Atlantis, teeming with opportunities. While the city may appear densely occupied, astute players can secure a singular apartment, albeit one in need of some tender loving care. Nestled within the Well, this apartment stands as a promising fixer-upper, presenting an exciting prospect for those with an eye for potential.

However, acquiring this real estate gem demands obtaining citizenship with the UC (United Colonies) before the purchase can be finalized. For aspiring homeowners, this guide will illuminate the necessary steps to secure ownership of this unique apartment in the heart of New Atlantis.

How to Become a United Colonies Citizen?

People who are citizens of the UC are the only ones who can buy homes in New Atlantis. Your character is not a citizen of the UC. Joining the UC Vanguard is the best way to become a citizen. Usually, a fighter gets citizenship after ten years of service in the Vanguard.

However, your character may find a faster way to get citizenship along the way. To join the UC Vanguard, go to the Mast District of New Atlantis and walk up to where the tram stops, which is where the UC offices are.

Look to the left of the entrance to the offices to find the Vanguard desk, where you can ask to join. This starts the Supra Et Ultra quest, which has you take the test to join the Vanguard. No matter how well you do on the test, you’ll still be able to join. How many tiers of ships you destroy in the game will determine how much of a signing bonus you get.

After joining the Vanguard, you’ll have to do a few tasks for them before you can become a citizen. Complete the four tasks below:

  • Routine Work
  • Getting Devils Out
  • What We Saw
  • These Kinds of Friends

As a reward for completing the last Friends Like These task, you will become a member of the UC and be able to start the other quests in the Terramorph storyline.

How Can I Buy The Well Apartment?

Now that you are a citizen, “Talk to Zora at the Aphelion Realty Office” will be added to your list of tasks. This real estate office is easy to find when you walk straight out of the UC buildings and a little to the left.

How To Get An Apartment In New Atlantis in Starfield

If you want to keep track of this action, the reality office will also be marked. Talk to Zora, and she’ll tell you that you can rent the room for 30,000 credits. After you buy the apartment, you can do another action that tells you to go to the apartment.

This can also be used to find the apartment in the Well. This apartment needs to be fixed up. It doesn’t have any furniture or decorations, so you’ll need to buy some supplies to make it look how you want.

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How To Get The Apartment On The Top Floor?

Players can get a second apartment in New Atlantis by doing the same UC Vanguard quests and finishing the same task line. You’ll finish “A Legacy Forged” when you’ve gone much further than getting your citizenship. After you finish this task, your citizenship level will go up, and you’ll get the Penthouse as a reward for being brave in the face of the new Theromorph danger.

Where To Find Apartments?

Go to the dock and head in the direction of Terrabrew to find The Well room. On the left side of the building, there is a small nook with a lift that goes to The Well. Go straight from here until you reach The Medbay. Take a left past The Medbay and then a right up the stairs to the “Upper Level.” Your apartment door will be the first one you see.

The Penthouse is in a neighborhood of New Atlantis where people live. Take the bus there, then cross the field and go to the building to the right of Arsenal. This is Mercury Tower, and once you own it, the elevator inside will take you directly to your apartment. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for gaming-related Tips And Tricks.

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