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Decoding Success: Ethereum (ETH) Whales Believe Anarchy can Drive 10x Portfolio Growth in 2023!


Experts and “crypto whales” are known for their excellent research skills and past of getting all hits. Whenever their opinion is asked for, they respond with facts and study to back them up.

Now that Ethereum (ETH) whales have come forward to say that Anarchy (ANA) is the key to turning your wealth over 10 times this year, it shows that it’s not just talk or a guess.

But what is it about Anarchy (ANA) that makes them think it’s the best way to get to 10x in 2023? This guide will tell you how to do that.

What Are Crypto Whales?

Whales on the bitcoin market are people, businesses, or even states that hold a lot of a certain digital asset. The word “whale” comes from the world of finance and refers to sellers who have a lot of power in the market.

But there are different ways to figure out who is a crypto whale. It could mean that you own a lot of a certain coin or that you have a big stash. For example, let’s say a thousand Bitcoin or an equal amount in another digital currency.

Crypto whales are interesting because they can have a big effect on the coin market. To figure out who a crypto whale is, you can look at their wallet address to find out how much crypto they have. In this way, blockchain technology is transparent because anyone can see wallet names and funds, but privacy is still protected.

Quora says that an Ethereum whale is someone who has at least 10,000 ETH, which is worth more than $16 million at the present price. Now, picture a group of “whales” who have a lot of Ethereum backing a project.

When one of them was asked, he said that he had invested in many meme coins in the past and noticed that projects backed by the community tend to do well. He then used Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Floki Inu (FLOKI), Pepe coin (PEPE), and WOJAK as examples.

He says that this trend applies to projects that are backed by the community, so just think about how much support a community-owned project could get. We’re finally going past the hype and into something important. Hype is great, but does it last? No.

Anarchy is not just another meme coin that wants to cash in on the popularity of social media. It’s a project with a clear goal, led by a group of people who care deeply about it, and are dedicated to making a real difference in our society.

At the core of Anarchy is a promise to give its community more power and give donors great results. Who says that you can’t have everything? Anarchy’s goal is to fight a problem that has been around for a long time and that we all know too well: corruption!

Together, the people of Anarchy will stand up to these crooked leaders. It’s time to stop making signs and holding meetings and start working on something that will go far, make people aware, and start talks.

The people who own ANAs and are part of the Anarchy group get something special. When ANA is bought or sold, 0.5% of the transaction fee is burned, which reduces the amount of ANA in circulation. This isn’t magic; it’s a smart way to drive up the price of ANA, which helps people who hold it.

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Ana’s Pre-sale is the Golden Ticket to 10x!

With a possible 10x return in 2023, crypto whales and investors are putting everything else on hold to buy ANA during the current presale at the lowest prices.

Even though the project is only worth $0.00030 right now, its growing potential is clear. Don’t miss out on this rare chance. Don’t miss the chance to buy some $ANA today. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Crypto-related Updates and News.

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