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How To Use Ship Storage in Starfield?


How To Use Ship Storage in Starfield? In Starfield, every ship has a luggage hold that can be used as a second store that goes wherever the player goes. Your cargo hold is almost always much bigger than what you can carry, so you have to use it when you’re out exploring the world.

If you know how to get to your cargo hold, you can also raid the cargo holds of enemy ships to find treasure. Even though the cargo hold may look like a fancy box, it is different from the other ways a ship can store things and has functions that some players may miss.

How To Access Your Ship Storage?

From the control panel in the cabin of your ship, you can get to your ship’s store. This panel is in every cockpit, but its exact position in the cockpit will depend on the model. It will show you everything you have stored on your ship at the moment.

This panel mostly works like a box. You can scroll through its contents or open the full inventory menu to move things from your inventory to your luggage hold.

There are many space habs that can be added to a ship to give you more room to store things. This can be very helpful since your cargo hold can only hold so much.

How To Use Ship Storage in Starfield

Even though extra storage chests can be helpful, players should remember that the luggage hold has other features that should be taken into account when deciding what to store there.

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How Is Your Cargo Hold Different?

Some of the items and supplies you have stored on your ship can be reached from a long way away through certain menus.

When you’re on a planet where you’re building an outpost, you can see the materials in your cargo hold and use them to build your outpost without having to go back and forth between your ship and the world.

Because there is so much loot in Starfield, it is always hard to keep track of your inventory. Ship parts are a must-have for any ship battle, as they are the only way to fix your ship in the middle of a fight or while you’re traveling faraway worlds.

Ship parts you keep in your ship’s cargo hold can be used at any time while you’re in the air. They work the same way as ship parts you carry with you. The best way to store and use a lot of these useful fix things is to put them in your ship’s cargo hold.

Your cargo hold is also moved between your home ship and any changes you add to it. If you change home ships to fly something else, everything in your cargo hold will move to your new home ship immediately.

You can also change or add to your ship’s cargo hold to make it bigger, and the things inside won’t be affected. Your cargo room is a safe place to store all kinds of things, and it should be your go-to chest for things you don’t want to carry around with you. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more gaming-related updates.

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