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Where Should You Build The Armillary in Starfield?


Where Should You Build The Armillary in Starfield? Starfield is a big, engaging game where the player has to make important decisions. The story of the game is complicated, and players have to think carefully about their choices because they have real effects.

Whether it’s the crucial choice of whether to defend The Eye or The Lodge or the tough choice of whether to side with the UC or the Crimson Fleet, every choice has its own effects and echoes throughout the game.

In the middle of these important decisions is another important choice: where to build the Armillary. Choosing where to put this important part is a smart choice that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The player has to think about the pros and cons of putting it on their spaceship or at an Outpost they’ve set up. Each place has its own advantages, which makes this choice an important one that has a big effect on how the game is played and how the player feels about Starfield as a whole.

By looking at the pros and cons of each choice, players can plan and improve their trip through the universe, which makes the game more fun and keeps them more involved.

What Is The Armillary?

You put the Artifacts you have gathered in the Armillary. It is the big moving orb in The Lodge that holds each Artifact and moves as you bring more Artifacts to it.

Because The Lodge was attacked because it had the Artifacts, wherever you build the Armillary will also be attacked. So remember that as you think about what to do.

Should You Build The Armillary On Your Ship?

If you build the Armillary on your ship, it will connect to the Ship’s Grav Drive. This means that you can easily Grav Jump out of the area and keep the Armillary safe if you are attacked for it.

Where Should You Build The Armillary in Starfield

You will also always be close to your ship, so if it gets attacked, you can keep it safe. Also, building it on your ship won’t cost you anything. Also, unlike Outposts, you won’t need things to build it. You can just walk up to the Armillary screen and choose to build it.

If you go this route, make sure you have a good ship. You can keep the Armillary safe with the Stronghold, Narwhal, Crimson Fleet Reaper III, Space Ox, or Dullahan III. Overall, this is probably the best choice for most people who are just playing the game normally. But you might also want to think about the Outpost.

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Should You Build The Armillary In An Outpost?

If you build the Armillary at an Outpost, you can choose where to put it. But when the Outpost is attacked, which it will be, you will only be able to depend on the people there. You might be on the other side of the galaxy when the attack starts.

If you want to build an Outpost with enough protection to keep the Armillary safe, you will also need a lot of resources. The Armillary only needs 3 Neodymium and 5 Titanium, but the Outpost and its defenders will need a lot more.

But if you spend a lot of time making Outposts and putting money into them, you might want to think about an Outpost instead of your ship. All of this depends on how much work you’ve already put into a certain Outpost. Make sure you have a good group of friends there to keep an eye on the place.

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