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After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1 Release Date, Storyline, And Where to Watch?


After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1 Release Date: The official word is that After-school Hanako-kun is both an anime series and a spin-off. This spin-off from Seven Wonders of Kamome Academy will have more great cartoons and a riddle to solve.

In 2020, there was a TV show called Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. As expected, Hanako-kun will be the main character in After-school Hanako-kun, which is said to be based on the story of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. This is just the next part of the canon story.

The spin-off will follow a part of Hanako-kun’s story with Yoshiro, the girl who worked for him. With laughter, mystery, love, and sadness all mixed in. There are four episodes of this spin-off, and each one is only ten minutes long, so it’s a great show to watch during your break.

After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1 Release Date And Time!

From what we know, the first episode of After-School Hanako-kun will come out on October 13, 2023. Here are the times when people around the world can watch the show:

Note that the local release and airing time will be different from what was shown above. This is because it depends on the channel that is showing it. Even though the dates won’t change, the times will. To find out more, check the websites of the following broadcasting stations.

After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1 Storyline!

Due to the short length of After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1, don’t expect the director to introduce the characters. Also, there probably won’t be any new characters because this is just a spin-off and will make up for what was left out of the first part.

After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1 Release Date

Someone cool like Hanako-kun might come in at the beginning of the first show, and then they might start telling us the story they want us to know. It looks like good news is coming soon, after this spin-off.

Is There Any Trailer for After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1? 

It’s so much fun and exciting in the clip, as you can see below. Aren’t you also excited? The Director of Editing and Cinematography, Junko Sakai, has been getting great reviews for his work. You should also keep your hopes up, because this is going to be another big hit.

About the cast, Justin Briner will play Hanako-kun again, just like he did in Toilet-bound Hanako-kun. This is definitely why he’s so good at playing Hanako-kun, giving fans the best experience.

 Megumi Ogata will voice Hanako the spirit, and Tyson Rinehart will play Kou. Tia Lynn Ballard and Lindsay Seidel are two other foreign artists who play the parts of Nene Yashiro and Mokke.

Shoya Chiba and Chika Anzai play the other supporting parts in this spin-off, such as Kou Minamoto and Sakura Nanamine. The story is likely to feel very familiar to you since there are no new characters in this spin-off.

Where Can I Watch the First Episode of After-School Hanako-kun?

You can watch the first episode of After-school Hanako-kun on Japan TV or MMBTV in your country. The times that these stations will post things will be announced locally. You can also go to their main websites to find out more.

Crunchyroll is the place where people from around the world can watch After-school Hanako-kun Episode 1. There will be subs in many languages, like English, Korean, Spanish, German, and more.


In summary, After-school Hanako-kun, a spin-off of Toilet-bound Hanako-kun, continues Hanako-kun’s story and introduces Yoshiro. With a 10-minute duration per episode, it’s perfect for a quick break. Episode 1 releases on October 13, 2023, with varied global viewing times. Crunchyroll offers subtitles in multiple languages. Familiar voice talent and an exciting trailer add to the anticipation. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more Manga updates.

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