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How To Get Every Ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty?


How To Get Every Ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty? Fans of Cyberpunk 2077 got a lot out of Update 2.0, but Phantom Liberty really took things to the next level. Besides the usual large number of new characters, tasks, and items, the expansion added a lot of other fun things as well as an interesting new plot.

Like the main game, Phantom Liberty has more than one ending, and each one is more interesting than the last. There are four ends, and each one has a very different result, depending on the choices you make during the expansion. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to get them all.

How To Get The King Of Wands Ending?

King of Wands could be thought of as Phantom Liberty’s happy finish. If this ending is chosen, V will miss the chance to get a fix and will have to kill Solomon Reed. However, the main character will save both Alex and Songbird in the process. Still not perfect, but it’s the best result you can hope for given the facts.

To get the King of Wands ending, you must first side with Songbird and help her get out of the stadium during the main quest Firestarter. Remember to keep an eye out, because on your way out you can grab some good guns, such as Bald Eagle and Murphy’s Law. You can start a new main quest called Killing Moon a few days after Firestarter if you sided with Songbird during that event.

In the last few minutes of Killing Moon, you’ll have to make a tough choice: forgive Songbird for lying to you and help her get to Luna, or hand her over to Reed. Make sure to pick one of the conversation choices below when asked to save Songbird and unlock King of Wands. This second choice is only useful if you made a mistake and chose “Wake the hell up” in the first chat.

King Of Wands Ending Consequences?

Once you get to the Moon, Songbird is safe and sound. You’ll hear from her again, albeit for a short time, during a quest called From Her To Eternity. V finds a Hermetic Container with two things inside: a metal pin from the city of Tycho on the moon, and the Quantum Tuner, a famous cyberdeck. The quest is over very quickly.

If you side with Songbird during Firestarter, you can do an extra task called “Unfinished Sympathy,” which lets you hang out with Alex at The Moth. Soon after that, Alex will be off to Monte Carlo, leaving V a nice letter to remember her by.

How To Get The King Of Swords Ending?

The ending of King of Swords is almost the exact opposite of the ending of King of Wands. People like Songbird and Alex will lose if you choose this ending, but Reed will live and help V find a way to stop the Relic degradation in the end. Going this way might seem a little selfish at first, since you’ll have to give Sage to Reed. But since she lied to V about the fix, it wouldn’t be completely wrong for her to do that.

How To Get Every Ending in Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

If you first side with Songbird during Firestarter, you can get the King of Swords ending, just like before. You can give her to Reed instead, though, if you change your mind about wanting to save her while you’re playing Killing Moon. To give her up and get the second ending, make sure you pick one of the conversation choices below when asked. You can change your mind at any time if you choose the first choice. You’ll be stuck in King of Swords with the other two.

King Of Swords Ending Consequences?

When you play King of Swords, two important things happen. First, Songbird is sent back to the FIA and the Blackwall project, most likely so that more tests can be done. Second, Reed will send the player a couple of follow-up tasks. As promised, Reed will try to find a fix for V’s illness.

If you use King of Swords to heal the main character, you can also access a hidden ending called Tower in the main game. Reed’s plan to heal the main character works in the end, but V will no longer be able to work as a badass assassin after the process.

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How To Get The King Of Cups Ending?

You can get one of two endings, King of Cups, if you choose to side with Reed instead of Songbird during Firestarter. When you try to catch Songbird, she will turn into a cyberpsycho, and you will have to get out of the stadium by yourself. A few other people will get hurt along the way, but V and Reed will both make it out alive. Songbird also gets away, but a short time later, MaxTax will catch her.

After joining with Reed and finishing Firestarter, you’ll be given a new quest called Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos. In this quest, you must plan how to surprise the truck holding Songbird. The next task is called “Somewhat Damaged,” and you have to decide what to do with the netrunner once you find her.

To get to the King of Cups ending, you have to kill Songbird at the end of Certain Damage. That might seem like a harsh action, but she wants you to take it so she doesn’t have to work for the Blackwall or the FIA. To get the King of Cups ending, make sure you pick the speech choice below when you talk to her for the last time.

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